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Widgets, Everything you need to know about iOS 14’s widgets

Written by Mazhar

IOS 14 now enables you to set up widgets onto your screen — a handy new feature that totally changes how your phone screen appears, based on how many of these you’re using. So how can you use them? Let’s clarify.

Apple introduced many new attributes to iOS 14 that alter how the phone appears — like the ability to hide apps without replicating them. But one which alters how you use the apps is that the capability to use widgets onto your primary app webpages — up to now, they had just been observable in the Now View page (the one which you can typically find by scrolling all of the way into the left on your own screen).

These are lively tiles tied to certain apps that show you advice instead of simply the normal app tile. By way of instance, the Apple Music widget will show you the title of the song you are listening to and the album artwork.


Without doubt you will find lots of iOS users that have not ever had this sort of control over their phone screens. So… how in the hell can you get a deal on iOS widgets? Here is the skinny.

How to get widgets

To begin, perhaps not every app includes an accompanying widget — they are only available on particular apps. You will only be able to tell by taking a look at their own App Store pages, or simply by taking a look at the widget listing once you put in the app. You may get into the list of widgets by long-pressing your screen and inputting editing-wiggle mode. Then press the button in the top-right corner of this screen.

To set up one, tap it, and then choose whichever widget dimensions or form you want — many widgets come in a number of dimensions or present different info and you’re going to need to choose here that one you choose. Then tap “Insert widget” and it will automatically install on very top of whichever page you are on. Here is a good example of exactly what it looks like using Apple’s Clock widget.

Widget Stacks

There is also a unique widget known as the Smart Stack. This is fundamentally a carousel of their very useful information of this day, culled out of the installed apps. The Smart Stack is automatically created, and you may get it in the widget menu. You are able to edit the intelligent Stack by long-pressing it, then selecting “edit,” and then toggling whichever apps that you would like to appear.

It is also possible to make your own stacks. To try it, select the widgets that you need from the stack, then actually drag them over each other in the edit screen. When you do, they will maintain a stack.


And that is it! Fantastic luck!

As a result of adoring, all-merciful designers, widgets make it simple for you to switch your website without needing to know code. Why pay someone hundreds of tens of thousands of bucks to get a designer to take a seat in a desk and change your site or widget when there are hundreds or even tens of thousands of widgets available for you to research?

It possibly counter-intuitive on the portion of web designers, however I advise you to make the most of while they continue to be free.

“I have seen widgets however I do not understand how to set them on my webpage”.

Once you personalize your widget (if needed), you’re requested to replicate a code. This can be known as an “promo code”. Duplicate the coupon code and set it at the desired place one your website. For all those that have a WordPress template, then you’ve got two choices. If you would like to utilize a non-standard widget, replicate the embed code to the “text” widget.

Ensure that your text widget is set where you would like it to show on your website. Simply erase this code.Be certain you keep tabs on if the code starts and ends. The very last thing you need to do is concealing a very important part of your site or article.

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