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Unable to Play Video iPhone? Here Is How to Fix This in 2 ways

Unable to Play Video iPhone
Written by Mazhar

It ends up that issues with video playback are rather common on iPhones nowadays. Therefore, if a few iphone unable to play video— do not worry, there are ways to resolve this.

In this guide we are going to discuss the most typical issues with video playback different iPhone versions and unable to play video iphone, such as iPhone 11, X, 8/Plus, 7/Plus, 6(s). We’ll also supply you with easy-to-follow guides about the best way best to repair the issues, so which you may play any video file or stream you desire that iphone videos wont load. When your iPhone can’t play video stored at the gallery. And the Question is that why wont my videos play on my phone?

Issue 1 when your iPhone cannot play video saved in the gallery


That is, likely, the most frequent issue from other people, so we’ll begin with it initially.

When you have listed a video file along with your iPhone and the video was stored in the gallery, but you are unable to play it back, the reason might be that the video is in fact found on your iCloud accounts, not at the iPhone’s storage.

This generally happens when the Optimize iPhone Storage attribute is allowed for your apparatus. This attribute uploads all of your video and audio content in devices’ internal memory for your iCloud accounts when there’s an online connection. By keeping big video files from the cloud, the attribute frees up internal storage of your iPhone.

Now, when attempting to play a video in your own iPhone from the gallery, then it automatically downloads the file in the iCloud account. The issue happens when there’s not any online connection. In cases like this, you can view just a preview of this video file in your telephone, but cannot play it back and iphone videos wont play, because the file is saved in the cloud and cannot be downloaded right now.

There are two options here: First is evident — only find a WiFi place, or flip your Mobile Data (3G) alternative on, so the video could be downloaded in the iCloud account. Secondly, if you would like your videos to be playable offline, then you want to place your iPhone, so it retains first video files in its internal memory.

With this, go to Settings -> Pictures -> choose Download and Maintain Originals. In cases like this, all of your photos together with video files will be downloaded to you iPhone’s internal memory, and you’ll have the ability to see the videos offline.

Pro Suggestion

When there’s inadequate room to keep all of the videos on your iPhone memory, then you may download just one or a number of those you would love to get easy access to when being offline. For this, start the video file from the iPhone’s Camera or Photos app, and then click on the upload icon at the bottom of the display and scroll right down to the Save into Files alternative.

Voilathis will permit you to save the video on your iPhone’s internal memory and then play it whenever you desire.

Unable to Play Video iPhone

Issue 2 the video file you’re trying to play is damaged.


When you have downloaded a video file into your iPhone’s internal memory, but still cannot play with it, There Might Be the next reasons: The video file is broken. The file format isn’t supported by iPhone.

In this paragraph we are going to pay for how to fix a corrupt video file directly out of your iPhone. While in another paragraph, we’ll discover that which video file formats are supported by iPhone, in addition to the way to play video files which aren’t supported by your device.

If you are confident the video file is on your own iPhone’s memory card also can be supported by the apparatus, but nevertheless cannot be played, odds are the file is damaged.

Regrettably, video files could possibly be changed as a consequence of a device, storage, or app glitch. By way of instance, if a video recording app crashes, or your own iPhone goes away suddenly when shooting a video, the resulting file might be stored improperly and include mistakes, or overlook important bits of information.

Issue 3 the video file format is not supported by your iPhone.


Fortunately though, corrupt video files are easily fixed with the aid of an internet instrument — Restore.Media. It is possible to access and utilize this tool out of the iPhone via a web-browser. The application supports many frequent video file formats, such as Apple’s native QuickTime media files together with the MOV extension.

For additional information about the best way best to fix MOV and other video file types together with the tool, browse the manual on Restore.Media’s website. The video file format isn’t supported by your iPhone. If that is the situation, then you are, likely, trying to play a legacy video file type, like MKV, or even the video is encoded using a few infrequent codecs which aren’t supported by iPhone.

Bellow is specs obtained from the official Apple website. These are applicable to all or any iPhone versions, beginning from iPhone 6 and in the future.

Unable to play video iphone

Video playback (video file formats Which Can Be played iPhone)

So, what can you do in case you’ve got a different file extension, or codec and, therefore, not able to play with the video in your own iPhone? Your choice here would be to convert your current video file into one which is supported by iPhone. By way of instance, in case you’ve got an MKV video file, it is possible to convert it into a MOV file and play it along with your iPhone.

You will find rather a great deal of video file converters on the market, including those accessible online — just Google. If you are on a Mac, then we also urge to give a try for this 1 MKV to MOV converter. YouTube not functioning on iPhone.

Issue 4 YouTube not working on iPhone


If you are Not Able to play with a YouTube video in your own iPhone, then the checklist stinks should help you fix this issue:

First, be certain to get a secure online connection. Consider opening a couple of random websites in a web-browser to find out whether they operate. Otherwise, reset your Internet link, or link to another network.

When you’ve got a secure online connection, however, the YouTube video doesn’t play; try to start various additional videos from YouTube, simply to confirm that this isn’t an issue with this particular clip.

In case this does not help, then you might attempt to play with the video through a different app. By way of instance, if you are opening the video through the YouTube app, then attempt to start it on your own Safari browser, also vice-versa.

If this still does not help, reboot your iPhone then check whether there are any upgrades available for your own YouTube app. If so, upgrade the app and try to play the video.

If nothing helps, you need to, probably, request aid the Apple’s support community.

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