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The Perfect Cup of Coffee: If You Follow These Steps, You Have a Chance

Amazing in many ways, coffee is arguably one of the most popular beverages across the world. Millions of people cannot imagine their mornings without a steaming cup of coffee able to work magic and make them feel happy and alert.

With a plethora of different types of coffee out there, it should be very easy to find your perfect match – your favorite can be anything from a creamy latte to a pretty strong long black. Still, the majority of experts and coffee lovers agree that espresso is the most sought-after treat, all the more so, it is the basis for a host of scrumptious versions including cappuccino and macchiato.

No matter what type of coffee you prefer, you deserve to relish the true taste and aroma of this unique beverage every time you drink it. Perhaps, you’d be surprised to find out that you can make your perfect cup at home – just the same as you get at that fancy coffee shop around the corner. Simply follow these steps and enjoy your coffee!


Step #1: Go With Whole Beans

Beans are where you have to start because without quality beans you cannot expect quality coffee. First of all, forget about pre-ground alternatives as they have lost moisture and aroma long before you bought the package. 

The experts say, due to the oxidation, ground coffee beans tend to lose more than half of their moisture and aroma within just 15 minutes. Always go with whole beans and grind your coffee immediately before brewing.

Step #2: Store Your Beans Properly

It’s also very important to store your beans properly. This should be done to preserve their quality. These espresso coffee beans usually come in special vacuum-sealed bags enhanced with one-way valves. The latter serves a lofty purpose – it lets gas out (the reason you can relish the aroma) at the same time ensuring that oxygen cannot enter the bag. Well, this scheme works until you open the package, so the general recommendation is to use the beans within two or three weeks after the opening.

Speaking of storage, it is essential to keep the beans in a dry, dark, and cool place. Despite what many people think, freezers are far from being an ideal variant to prolong the life of your coffee. Quite on the contrary, they can easily spoil both the taste and aroma by high humidity and extraneous odors.

Step #3: Figure Out Your Favorite Roast

We wouldn’t advise you to roast your own beans but it’s essential to know which kind of roast you want for your coffee. To figure it out, try different variants and feel free to ask a barista about the one you like the best at your local coffee shop. The most common roasts you will come across are medium and dark but in reality, there are many degrees of what can fit into these categories. It’s safe to say that classic espresso starts with dark roasts intended to fight sourness caused by lower temperatures of its extraction. However, if you use a pour-over or drip coffee maker, the lighter and medium roasts are just fine. 


Step #4: Invest In A Scale

Have you heard of a water-to-coffee ratio? Well, it can vary greatly from one type of beverage to another. Measuring your coffee with a spoon will never get you the perfect cup you dream of, so if you still do not have a kitchen scale, buy one and you’ll see the difference immediately.

While the ratio of 1:16 parts coffee to water is considered „Golden“, it is far from being a one-size-fits-all solution. Again, if we speak about espresso, it is often 1: 3 or even 1:2, that’s why you need to measure the main ingredient accurately.


Step #5: Use Filtered Or Bottled Water

This is the case when the water you use really matters – it can either contribute to the taste of your coffee or ruin it completely. To avoid any disappointments, stick with the quality filtered or bottled water and never use a softened or distilled variant. If you do, it will deliver a terrible result when you make your own cup of coffee.


Step #6: Keep Your Coffee Making Equipment Clean

Regardless of the coffee-making equipment you use, you need to clean it regularly. Coffee beans have oils, which give your favorite beverage taste but building up in your coffee machine or your grinder, they have precisely the opposite effect.

Can you think of something better than your perfect cup of coffee every morning? Just follow these six easy steps to turn your dream into reality – enjoy your favorite taste and aroma every single day!

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