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The Outer Worlds DLC review: Peril on Gorgon is more of the same (and that’s a good thing)

Outer Worlds DLC
Written by Mazhar

The Outer Worlds DLC Review


I spent all 2019 awaiting Obsidian’s triumphant return into the sphere of western RPGs using The Outer Worlds and if it eventually released, my enthusiasm has been vindicated. Eleven months after I am reminded why the game got my private’best of 2019′ moniker as a result of this recently-released Peril on Gorgon DLC expansion. Nor is that a side narrative set at another time in which you get to perform exotic team-mates.

Outer Worlds DLC

Quite simply: it is more of the same. The DLC comprises a mid-game story line which comes off just like a gentle core noire puzzle. It features a sweeping main quest and many side quests. This is not only an official mod which provides a new story.

It is a full-fledged production finish with new voice acting in either cut-scenes and neighboring conversations and main-game high quality images and effects during the whole 6-10 hour story lineup.

Without giving away anything, it is brilliant. From begin to finish the story is the shining star of the entire bundle and it is done so well which you could forgive it for being a puzzle that tips its hand at each corner by making sure that there’s sufficient lore packed into merit the 11-month wait.

However Peril on Gorgon is strangely implemented. It seems just like a stand up game — whatever you do will finally influence the destiny of your main quest — but you can not begin it after you have completed the main quest. Nevertheless you can not begin it in the start of the main game .

You need to finish a main story line quest called”Radio Free Monarch” to be able to begin the DLC, so you are going to be about level 22 with approximately 10 hours . If you have completed the main quest , you are going to need to use a previous rescue file or start a new personality.

But that is not a terrible thing. In case you haven’t played since launching this past year, this is a fantastic reason to dive in.

I have not talked about the story since, well, it is best obtained if you have managed to avoid spoilers. This is not a story as old as time which will direct you to your heart, it is a cleverly-scripted teleplay which operates best when you are hearing it for the very first time. It depends on a wonderful mixture of over-the-top suggestions and timeless Obsidian comedy.

And this comedy is a massive area of the lure. It is not a comedy, but it is peppered with the exact same type of Douglas Adams-esque good natured pleasure the main story is. The writing is superb. I will say no more.

The premise is fascinating as well as the new atmosphere, an asteroid named Gorgon, is as persuasive as any world you will traipse around in the main game. There are not lots of new enemies to talk of, however, marauders are substituted because of their own untoward consequences for speed-enhancing medications that makes combat a little more interesting from the early goings.

Outer Worlds DLC

You will encounter new weapons like some enjoyable science weapons along with also a veritable treasure trove of pieces (in-game money ) and items which you may sell. Best of all, there is a good deal of expertise to be obtained. Playing through the whole DLC ought to take you in the first 20s level-wise all the way into the cap in level 33 or rather near to it. This is not a slapped-together story, it is a worthy add on.

The most important thing is: if you appreciated the main quest you are almost certain to welcome this addition. But if you are hoping to get another experience or did not enjoy the first’s general tone, then you are better off spending your money elsewhere.

Peril on Gorgon is exactly what a DLC to get a game such as The Outer Worlds ought to be.

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