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The 8 Best Portable Charcoal Grills You Can Buy in 2020

Portable Charcoal Grill
Written by Mazhar

Portable Charcoal Grill

Whether you’ve got a lawn, a balcony, or merely an open kitchen window, then nothing blends along with cool fall air and the smell of something amazing. We researched and analyzed a dozen brand new portable grills to determine that which could brat the best. Have a look at our additional purchasing guides, such as the Best Grilling Accessories mini charcoal grill, to get the absolute most from your buy.

Upgraded September 2020We included another apartment-friendly electrical option along with a grill which doubles as a fire pit. It is big enough (18.5 inches in diameter) to smoke two racks of ribs or to match corn and burgers to get six people (admittedly, this was bloated) mini grill, but little enough that you will still have space in the back to get a cooler and camping equipment.

Portable Charcoal Grill

1.    Best Portable Charcoal Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe ($70)

It is one of the most flexible grills I analyzed –grilling, barbecuing, and smoking, so it is possible to do everything effortlessly. As a result of the dual-vent system (one in the base, one in the top), you receive exactly the identical fine-grained amount of temperature controller you’ll see in Weber’s full size kettles.

It weighs 22 lbs and includes a handle having a pub that fits on the surface that keeps the pot and lid together for simple carrying. I tossed mine at the rear of my car for excursions into the lake and the playground and it never leaned over.

The ash catcher in the base makes cleanup less of a hassle by letting you dump the surplus without taking away the grill. Fans have additional thermometers, secured knobs to make it much easier to open and shut ports, attached dangling ash cans, and think of innovative ways to cook smaller things, such as beer-can chicken.

It is not perfect, however. No toaster is contained, and Weber doesn’t create a storage cover to your Jumbo Joe. If you would like to do some indirect-heat cooking, you will want to obtain the hinged grill grate for $30 which means you are able to feed in new fuel without taking away the grill. The 20 charcoal jar can be helpful in small bbq grill, and also the Kettle Pizza Kit for $95 is entertaining but more costly than the grill itself.

Weber Jumbo Joe prices $70 in Amazon, Weber; along with The Home Depot This is our best choice for anyone who does not require the bigger Jumbo Joe. The downside is that you eliminate the reduced port, meaning less temperature controller. That is not a massive deal unless you are slow cooking. The Smokey Joe was more challenging to wash. But if you would like a more compact pot, this is a fantastic alternative.

2. Best Portable Propane Grill

Weber Q 1200 ($209)

If taste is the sole criteria, I’d assert that charcoal is exceptional to gas. But taste is rarely the sole element. We do not grill in lovely meadows below a rainbow daily. Frequently we grill snacking to a Friday while we are also attempting to establish a tent, sew a mattress, and wrangle hungry kids. And that is when the ease of propane trumps charcoal.

For all those instances, your best choice is your Weber Q 1200. It’s a thermometer and a few side tables to maintain your dishes and tongs. Additionally, it is a champ at maintaining a constant, even heat in just about any weather circumstances. A storm blew in one day, but it only kept on cooking regardless of the high rain and wind.

It’s also great at reducing flare-ups. Each grill flared marginally, however the Q 1200 (along with the Coleman under ) have thick enameled cast-iron grates which are closed across the burners, which will help to keep the flaring under management.

The principal downside is its own weight. It might be completely unfazed by weather, but it is heavy at 30 lbs. The 90 wheeled stands is well worth a look when you’re planning to transfer it a whole lot.

Smaller Option: The Weber Q 1,000 prices $191 in Amazon, and $179 in Weber and The Home Depot. The outcome is a more streamlined, though still hefty, tiny grill. If you do not require the tables and wish to spare a few bucks, then go with this particular model.

3. Best for Apartment Dwellers

George Foreman Plate Grill ($25)

Not everyone has a lawn, and it is increasingly common for flats to prohibit open fire grills on balconies. This is where electrical grills are in. They are grilling (type of), but minus the flames.

After trying a couple of distinct alternatives, I have come back into the one who got me through flat life: The George Foreman grill. Some could turn their nose up and say that this is not actually grilling, but there is no grilling police (as much as I understand), and it is as close as a few people may get–thus grill .

I have not utilized the fancier versions, but this fundamental four-serving one served me well for several years. You are able to pull the grills outside for simple cleaning, there is a drip pan to capture all of the grease, and when you are not in the grilling disposition, it doubles as a Panini press.

Remember this is somewhat different than ordinary grilling because it cooks from the top and underside, so that your food cooks faster. Ensure that you preheat your grill before the green light clicks. This will guarantee your food does not stick to the grill dishes.

4. Best Indoor Grill Upgrade

Kenyon City Grill ($425)

In case you don’t have a lawn but need something a little nearer to grilling compared to the George Foreman above, then the Kenyon City Grill is a superb alternative.

Kenyon has been producing electric grills and stoves for a while (its grills are very popular on ships, which is partially why this one is constructed from marine-grade stainless steel), but that is its first portable grill. It provides where others fail. It cooks evenly and in constant temperatures (I managed to get around 592 levels off an electronic thermometer). There is hardly any smoke, even though I really do suggest using it within a suburban area in the event you are inside.

5. Best for Couples

Coleman Roadtrip 225 Portable Propane Grill ($160)

The big issue is, how exactly does the food taste? Well, not as it came off a wonderful charcoal grill. You cannot get that flavor without charcoal. But the exact same principle operates on the City Grill–juices coming off everything you are cooking sizzle and provide off little amounts of smoke which taste your food as it cooks. The results are rather tasty. If you would like to enlarge the City Grill’s abilities, you can purchase a level surface you may use to cook a pancake breakfast.

6. Best Grill on Wheels

Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Grill ($250)


In 24 lbs and requiring power, the City Grill isn’t a fantastic pick if you would like something really portable. But if you are stuck without a way to cook over a fire, then the Kenyon is well worth the money. It is considerably lighter and largely matches with the Weber Q 1200. Coleman also provides you the choice to utilize just one burner, so that you can grill a few hamburgers without emptying your gas gas tank. With varying controllers, you can sear vegetables on one side whilst cooking meat more gradually on the opposite.

There is a skillet to catch drips while cooking, and it is removable for cleaning.

Coleman has accessories that allow you to use half the cooker for a griddle or normal stove burner so that you can simmer beans as you grill hot dogs. I liked the 32 Griddle for skillet; along with the $20 Stove Grate (untested) receives high marks in other reviews across the internet.

The Coleman Roadtrip 285 is much like this Roadtrip 225 above, however it is freestanding and easier to maneuver around thanks to its wheeled dolly system. The included rack frees up some space on the picnic table, which makes this a wonderful option for bigger parties.

The interior of this Roadtrip 285 is quite different however. Here you will find three interwoven burners, each using their very own knob to get fine-grained temperature controller. There are just two outer burners, right and left, then one internal burner operating between them. I often employed all three simultaneously to generate a high-temperature sear, then backed off it and allow the outer burners complete cooking.

There is a skillet you may slip out the back for cleaning, and a thermometer onto the lid tracks your own cooking temperatures. There is a wonderful griddle accessory also, that I used to make sandwiches for a crowd. The bigger MiniMax Big Green Egg I analyzed is not really portable, but if you would like to smoke, grill, and inhale outside, this ceramic stove is a powerful option.

The ceramic structure retains heat and turns into a portable oven too. The MiniMax Big Green Egg is like its bigger cousin in just about any way, it is just smaller. It weighs 75 lbs, which makes it from the heaviest grill I analyzed, but the double-handle carrying system makes it simple for 2 people to lift it about. The dilemma is that the 13-inch grilling surface of this MiniMax can simply grill for approximately four people.

It is big enough to roast a chicken, sear a few big stakes at one time, or match about six 12-inch skewers. But if you are doing veggies and meat for a household of four, you are going to be cooking in batches. But in practice, this is not really bad. Most meats will need to break if they are done cooking anyhow, giving you the time to do your own veggies. In my testing, the Mini Big Green Egg has exceptional heat management also, like the bigger version, is exceptionally fuel efficient.

7. Best Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg MiniMax ($598)

Big Green Egg’s MiniMax prices $598 and could only be bought in retail shops, such as Ace Hardware.

Would you understand what is cooler than the grill? One which doubles as a fire pit, using the capacity to recharge your phone, and also do your bidding through Bluetooth. BioLite’s FirePit is all these things and much more. There is a Bluetooth-compatible program to control the airflow, which then regulates your cooking temperature. Make sure you read during my colleague Adrienne So’s complete review for all of the particulars, but I put out to especially see how it grills, and the answer is: quite well.

8. Best Grill and Fire Pit Combo

Biolite FirePit ($250)

It’ll burn wood or charcoal, although I mostly used wood to check. With the ideal sort of wood (I used oak and pecan because that is what develops around my home), the FirePit might create the best taste of any grill. It is big enough to cook for four, but it is narrow and long, making some things embarrassing (I advise you to do not attempt a whole grain).

Testing Approaches

The provisions grilling and barbecue are frequently used interchangeably, which can be nice, but if you get serious about cooking over fire you’re going to want to know the distinction. Grilling generally implies cooking right over high heat, whilst barbecue typically describes cooking over indirect heat for longer amounts of time. You grill beef.

I used the two approaches to check small grill, grilling everything from beef to poultry to corn, even kale. This recipe for grilled spinach is my go-to for analyzing how difficult it’s to wash a grill. It is delicious but unbelievably cluttered.

For your charcoal alternatives small charcoal grill, I barbecued ribs and pulled pork. I have not attempted brisket but I feel it’d be possible to perform a smaller slice on the Weber Jumbo Joe.

Portable Charcoal Grill

Cease Using Propane Bottles

The omnipresent disposable green propane bottle is suitable, but it is a massive source of contamination. It is illegal in many authorities to throw them in the garbage, though that does not stop many people, it appears, given how a number of these wind up in landfills each year. Do not be that person. You will find refillable bottles accessible, which I propose using in the event that you have to have the more compact canister.

When you have space, the better, and much more economical, way to go is really a tiny refillable propane cylinder (Amazon, The Home Depot). Cooking outside over both cooker and grill three meals every day, this tank lasts me about a couple of weeks. It is small and light enough not to be any more challenging to consume around compared to four to six 1-pound bottles it stinks.

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