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The 80s Cartoons, 7 Most Badass Cartoon Heroines in 80s

80s cartoons
Written by Mazhar

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80s cartoons

There was a term used in the 1980s for its subjective barrier that prevented women (and minorities) by hitting the top echelons of corporate America:”the glass ceiling” But while actual women were sadly battling for the places of electricity they deserved, cartoon women were breaking the glass ceiling and exploding through, standing equivalent to their own animated male counterparts– or even — in many instances — way over. Here are the 10’80s cartoon heroines who educated boys and girls equally precisely how badass women could be.

80s cartoons

1) Teela, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

For a series about a character called He-Man, the Masters of the Universe cartoon actually did all right with its own (admittedly few) female personalities. The individual in control of Castle Grayskull was that the Sorceress, Skeletor’s only capable minion was Evil-Lyn, but Teela was the show’s actual stand-out. Since the adopted daughter of Man-at-Arms, she was a powerful warrior;

she had been courageous albeit somewhat irresponsible; and she had been the only person at the cartoon with all the balls to provide Prince Adam shit to be worthless, cowardly and placing about all of the time (sure, it had been his ruse to stop people from discovering that he had been He-Man, however calling the Prince a lazy asshole remains fairly striking ).

And her mum was that the Sorceress, therefore that she was eventually going to be more in control of Grayskull, a theoretically a lot more important task than being He-Man. Sure, Teela frequently had to stand around until He-Man arrived to save the day, but did all of the male offenders of the Universe, and Teela kicked much more ass than they did with no special powers.

2) Lady Jaye/Scarlett, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Forgive me including both of G.I. Joe: A Real American Heroes’ two primary female soldiers in 1 entrance, but the reality is that they had been pretty much exactly the exact same character. They had been both sergeantsthey both technical in counterintelligence, they both used specific projectile weapons (Scarlett had a crossbow, Lady Jaye threw javelins)

And they both had no difficulty kicking Cobra’s buttocks. Scarlett has directed the total Joe team on more than 1 event, and she and Lady Jaye pretty much saved the planet when the Baroness discovered a conch shell which amuses guys when she hauled through it (do not ask).

3) Firestar, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Due to the exact same bizarre rights situation that compelled Marvel to swap the Human Torch using the robot H.E.R.B.I.E. from the wonderful Four cartoon, Firestar was made to function as”fire” part of Spider-Man’s extremely strange”fire and ice”-themed spouses at the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon. Together with her warmth and fire powers, she was arguably the most powerful of this Beautiful Friends — she apparently sets the Green Goblin on flame at the cartoon’s intro, which could have saved everyone in the Marvel U. a great deal of difficulty — and eventually made her was to Marvel comic books.

She served at the New Warriors and the Avengers, and after singlehandedly handed Emma Frost her lingerie had ass. From the Marvel Divas show, Firestar was diagnosed with cancerher buddy Hellcat consented to wed Damian Hellstrom (that the Son of Satan) when he’d cure Firestar. When Firestar heard of this, she moved to hell to save Hellcat and advised the Son of Satan to push his recovery powers up his ass (metaphorically speaking). And she beat cancer by herself. This is 100 percent more badass than how Spidey managed his final bargain with the devil.

4) Jem, Jem and the Holograms

Most men and women recall Jem as a pop star who occasionally captured in to experiences — or put in continuous threat by the group of sociopaths called the Misfits — but she had been a fanatic also, mostly because she had been not the only person quitting the above group of sociopaths called the Misfits from placing different people in danger.

She rescued that a cruise liner that the Misfits sabotaged from sinking and killing everybody on board; she stop the Misfits out of turning a sea lion habitat to a recording studio; and she maintained the Misfits from assisting ovethrow a monarchy and replacing it with a benevolent monarchy, in case you thought Jem despised democracy or anything. Oh, and she thwarted someone from sneaking the President of the USA. Let us see Carly Rae Jepsen do this.

5) Steelheart, Silverhawks

Steelheart, a.k.a. Sgt. Emily Hart, is the only female performer of this Silverhawks, also acted as the group’s mechanic. She is Steelwill’s twin sister, and also will psychically speak with her brother over enormous distances. Like her brother, her heart refused the first Silverhawk transformation, therefore she actually obtained a stainless steel core, which is totally wonderful.

Prior to going thinking she is the yummy person, she actually outwrestled Mumbo Jumbo, the giant mecha-minotaur who functioned as Mon*Star’s main enforcer, something that her large brother had difficulty performing.

6) Cheetara, ThunderCats

The beautiful cartoon personality who introduced an whole generation of boys into furry-dom, Cheetara was a capable warrior who employed her unbelievable pace and extending bo team to resist Mumm-Ra as well as the forces of evil. Wikipedia says she”once clocked at 120 m.p.h. on a morning run” (that I find unnaturally special for a reason), and she’s a sixth sense/precognition energy, which drained her immensely. She is also the only ThunderCat who is not fearful of the water.

Cheetara conserves Lion-O and all of the ThunderCats on more than 1 event during the initial show, such as by the Doom Gaze (that she had been impervious to), by the vacuum of space, and respective Mumm-Ra-directed mutant strikes. She’s also, undoubtedly, the cleverest and most levelheaded of all of the ThunderCats by a very large margin.

80s cartoons

7) Gloria Baker, M.A.S.K.

The only exception was Gloria Baker, that had been probably all the woman M.A.S.K. can manage, as she had been both a champion race car driver and also a black belt in kung fu. She had two vehiclesthe Shark, a Porsche that changed to a submarine, and also the Stiletto, a Lamborghini that turned into a helicopter.

That made her the individual having the most driving abilities and the very best, most expensive vehicles at the key organization whose chief purpose was to fight evil through wheeled vehicles –which arguably leaves her M.A.S.K.’s finest and most reliable agent, also. Although here co-workers comprised a toy designer, an exotic pet shop owner along with a pizza cook, so the pub was not just large. Nonetheless, it’s not like they were planning to provide the pizza delivery man a Lamborghini.

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