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Textsheet Alternative – 10 Sites Like Textsheet For Students {2020 Working}

Written by Zain

In case you haven’t been able to find the popular educational platform Textsheet online, well, do not worry, you are not alone. If you’re a college student or even a high school student, you will likely find yourself comparatively knowledgeable about this online learning instrument.


Is Textsheet Working Today?

Unfortunately, Textsheet is NO LONGER WORKING!

The Textsheet website was quickly brought down, and an impending instance of Copyright breach was slapped online learning stage by Chegg.

What Textsheet would do would be replicate student answers from other paid websites like Chegg at no cost.

The fact that it utilized Chegg’s API to find answers and introduce them to students made it exceptionally resourceful and increasingly suitable for students. Most students using Textsheet were unaware of the fact that this entire performance was underway behind the scenes.


Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students


For students left out on the lurch, there’s still a silver lining at the end of this sudden shutdown.

Thanks to each growing reach of online education providers online, there are multiple alternatives that students can turn to.

This article will look at 10 top Textsheet alternatives that can be found online, what you ought to be looking out for on your hunt, and possible landmines that most paid to learn programs are more likely to.

1 Slader



For college students looking for an online homework support platform, Slader at the very best option.

It provides all of the fantastic performances that students are conversant with at a modest price. It gives tens of thousands of textbook solutions and a step-by-step guide to the majority of class questions on the market. Students may scan their textbook barcodes or search for their textbook titles utilizing the”search textbook” search bar.

Even though the platform features a massive database containing numerous topics, it mostly focuses on upper-level math, higher school math, science, social sciences, literature and English, and a couple of foreign languages.

The platform can be found on cellular marketplaces for the two Android and iOS and Windows desktop PCs.

2 Course Hero

Course Hero

As its name implies, Course Hero is an actual”hero” if you think about the over 30 million pupil resources it provides students.

The resources are guides, study, videos, and study notes for faculty, subject, literature names, and course textbooks. The best part is that Course Hero covers all essential topics, including complex mathematics, science, biology, English literature, and everything in between.

Course Hero lets you self-test with prep guides and sample test papers for students preparing for examinations, which allow you to examine your comprehension of a subject. What is more, the stage boasts of a characteristic called 24/7 Assignment Help, which provides personalized training from specialist instructors and college professors.

Course Hero includes a $9.95 monthly membership fee. If you would like to get around the payments, you can opt for the”Earn Free Access” feature, which lets you access study resources after uploading your material.

3 Chegg


If you liked using Textsheet, then you’d enjoy using Chegg. The internet platform has the largest market share having the largest number of users in America.

Like the former platform, it boasts of a massive database of student funds and test prep manuals.

Chegg offers several eBooks at enormous discounts (90 percent, last we checked) if you’re into studying. You also have the choice to sell-back old textbooks after you’re finished with your study program. The site offers simple navigation and a 24/7 service in-case you become stuck on your hunt or need more help understanding your topic.

After that, several pupil packages are on offer, which may be purchased depending on the pupil’s specific needs. Furthermore, Chegg offers many services that could be useful for pupils throughout and post-college/school life.

The program is available on PC and mobile devices and may be downloaded in the various Android and iOS shops.

4 PaperHelp



PaperHelp is distinct from Textsheet from how it works.

Here you’ll find custom-made papers on several topics, and the platform was designed primarily for Ph.D. students. Therefore, if you’re a Ph.D. student who believes writing papers are not your cup of tea or even a severe waste of time, subsequently, PaperHelp will probably be of fantastic assistance to you.

PaperHelp will get you with extended essays or other writing solutions at a price based upon your particular condition. All you have to do is input your specific needs, and the machine will compute details of cost, turnover time, and many others. To be able to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, PaperHelp provides comprehensive money back.

If you’re unhappy about the support you received, call the customer care group and educate them to present your refund. The 24/7 customer service team is available around the clock to answer any and every question you might have.

5 Crazyforstudy



For High School students searching for specific help with technical subjects, Crazyforstudy is a superb option. The service covers all essential requirements for students like Textsheet, to make life simpler for students. The platform boasts a massive database of over 50 million books with simple search selections for many queries.

Besides student class material, the platform also offers an online homework test for various subjects like advanced mathematics, science, technology, and much more. The platform is now being used in Australia and is mostly employed as a nation’s student source.

Since the service is comparatively new, the provider offers lots of promotional offers that will help get things started. First-time users will probably be amazed by the fantastic offers on research material and tools not found everywhere.

6 Studylib


Another great Textsheet alternate is Studylib. But, unlike the other platforms, Studylib is somewhat less student-friendly. Nonetheless, it is a great medium to get most queries, responses, and duties done.

Added attributes include a”discuss ” function, enabling users to share notes and study material with others. To take advantage of the quality and others, users need to register. Documents may also be retrieved and stored from Studylib servers to be looked at in a later period, article signing up and logging into their accounts.

studylib includes a distinctive”flashcard explorer” function, which lets users navigate different topics like mathematics, science, computer science, special needs learning, and several other mainstream topics.

As stated before, the support is free but does require a login. You also get a grammar and spell check feature, which means you need not bother investing in other writing applications.

7 SparkNotes


The platform specializes in writing guides using a database solely devoted to producing literature and the Arts. Several literature guides, such as all of the plays from Shakespeare, Hemmingway, and other classical writers. The learning is enjoyable and straightforward, even for the uninitiated.

Lesson notes include useful insights to help pupils gain a better grasp of the study material. The platform also has several test samples and quizzes to prepare for any number of aggressive exams and home missions.

Like other learning platforms, SparkNotes could be downloaded on both the Android and iOS apparatus.

8 Coursera


Coursera is just another excellent choice to Textsheet, particularly if you’re looking primarily for research papers.

The online learning platform has been set by two Stanford graduates looking for earning learning not only comfortable but also enjoyable for the average student. At the moment, the platform has over 40 million active consumers, with over 4000 online classes.

For researchers, Coursera is a fantastic research platform that provides them access to a massive learning material database and tools. That makes it perfect for Ph.D. students looking to gather research material for their papers as well as research material.

Like other online learning platforms, Coursera is available on both Android and iOS.

The complete suites of solutions are available at a small charge. But considering everything you get in return, it is worth the investment.

9 Quizlet


With over 50 million busy students globally, Quizlet has among those types of question papers from over 150 distinct countries. What is more, the platform also boasts of a vast number of tutors that direct students in their learning.

The platform provides you numerous article writing services and study writing services. Even though these services come at a price, it is well worthwhile. Their authors are usually known to be specialists in their various fields and well-versed in research writing.

Quizlet, such as other platforms around the listing, can be obtained on both Android and iOS.

The service includes a 15 day trial period, which offers all of the study material and tools at no cost. It is a good idea to try out the 15 days before enrolling in the subscription. Possessing this service’s very technical nature, you may get another service that suits your needs better.

 10 Collegeboard


If you’re a student preparing for SATs, subsequently Collegeboard is the perfect learning platform for you.

As an alternative to Textsheet, Collegeboard was designed mainly for students looking for their SAT exams. It delivers several class manuals and lesson notes from some of the best management schools.

Along with being a fantastic online learning platform, Collegeboard also lets students buy publications at a discount and swap books at affordable rates. Some of the significant subjects offered are innovative mathematics, history, physiology, and lots more.

As with other platforms on this listing, Collegeboard is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Compared with other learning platforms on the listing here, Collegeboard is more cost-effective and has various features designed for school students.




For the uninitiated, here’s a listing of frequently asked questions about Textsheet one of college and higher school students.


What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet was an internet learning/educational platform which helped students get answers to relevant questions introduced in their course content.

All students needed to perform to gain access to answers would be to enter the URL for a specific course or search their questions throughout the search option. Students searching for particular answers needed to enter their inquiries into the search bar, plus they would then get answers to related items.

For students, this instrument was shown to be a lifesaver since it gave them improved insights into different tricky subjects. Students may also gain access to a vast array of sample answers where they can cross-check their solutions.

Considering that Textsheet has been an open-source program packaged with features, it became a crucial characteristic in job assignments and homework assignments.

What Happened To Textsheet?

Overtime, Textsheet quickly became a massive hit among students, with millions seeking to get this stage daily.

Regrettably for the site, its popularity also resulted in its demise. With a growing number of users registering daily, it was not long until the area captured the government’s eye, and an official complaint was filed based on copyright violation.

Shortly after, the site was introduced, and with it, millions of students worldwide had been left helpless.

Is The Service Free? 

Yes, the service was free of any cost. Although the notion behind Textsheet was ingenious for its own time, it did bypass several legal barriers quite intentionally. Specifically, copyright infringement and information theft, to name a couple. This made it a superb platform for consumers seeking to finish their job assignments and assignments without needing to pay a dime.

As they say, “all good things come at a cost.” Textsheet was then brought down following several internet platforms filed suits against the company. Now the once fantastic platform is inaccessible. But several options are offering their services at a cost.

Final Thoughts

The Textsheet options are many, with each one offering their distinct set of attributes and particular propositions.

As you might have seen, many of the services on the list come at a small cost. Unlike Textsheet, they’re not entirely free of charge. What’s important to keep in mind is that many of these services offer you free versions with restricted performance. It’s then later your responsibility to decide whether the small fee would be well worth the cost or not. Thus, choose carefully.

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