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TEC-9 Assault Weapons: The Case Against The TEC-9

Written by Mazhar

I. Introduction


About July 1, 1993, Gian Luigi Ferri utilized two TEC-9 Assault pistols, fabricated and marketed by suspect NAVEGAR, INC., dba INTRATEC FIREARMS (“Intratec” or”suspect”), at a commando-style assault on the Pettit & Martin law firm along with other offices at the 101 California office building in downtown San Francisco. With deadly efficacy, Ferri killed eight people and wounded six more in a couple of minutes. Plaintiff MICHELLE SCULLY wasn’t only taken and permanently hurt during Ferri’s rampage, she had been made to endure the crueler fate of watching her husband John’s death as he tried to protect her from flying snakes.


The TEC-9 is a semi variant of a military submachine gun.

Even though it’s been marketed under different names — the KG-9, the KG-99, the TEC-9, along with also the TEC-DC9 — and from different companies owned and run by the Garcia family, the fundamental design of this weapon has stayed virtually unchanged. The business chose to fabricate the KG-9 due to the developing marketplace for military style guns in the United States.

The KG-9’s manual explained it.

Mixing the high ability and commanded firepower of this army submachinegun with the lawful standing and light burden of a handgun.The expression”assault pistol” was coined from the firearms industry to describe the KG-9 has been an illegal machine gun, because of the ease by which it might be converted into fully automatic fire. The KG-9 Was Diagnosed as a Machine Gun, also Renamed the KG-99

In 1982, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ruled the KG-9 has been an illegal machine gun, because of the ease of which it may be converted into fully automatic fire.


The firm redesigned the KG-9’s bolt to generate conversion harder, and also renamed the weapon that the KG-99. Otherwise, the layout stayed basically unchanged. Intratec verified that like its predecessor, the KG-99 might be fairly described as”combining the high capacity and commanded firepower of their army submachinegun with the lawful standing and light weight of a handgun.”


Intratec U.S.A. (“Intratec”) made a vertical foregrip to be used together with all the KG-99, which it promoted as an”Assault Grip.” Intratec utilized the expression”Assault Grip” in advertising the foregrip,”[b]ecause you essentially hold the gun with two hands just like you’d as assault weapon, a military weapon.” Though Intratec knew they shouldn’t be promoting the assault clasp, he chose to market it as an attachment for its KG-99, determined by the purchase form which”ATF has ruled the KG-250 assault grip might not be attached lawfully into the KG-99 or even the older version KG-9.”

  1. Intratec Rename the KG-99 that the TEC-9, and Continued to Boost the”Assault Grip.”


Intratec renamed the KG-99 that the TEC at August 1985. The TEC-9 was substantially identical to this KG-99, with only a couple of cosmetic changes. The business declared advertising the assault grip with no warning, advertisements it”Attaches to All TEC-9″ Intratec promoted the TEC-9 as a”High-spirited” weapon which is”as hard as the toughest customer.” The organization’s booklet highlighted the weapon’s”paramilitary” appeal, its”Army blowback style,” and its own”Combat-type” sights. The booklet depicted a smoking goal of a person being taken dozens of times throughout the head and the center in what seems like a fusillade of automatic weapons fire.

The complaint alleged that the decedent, a school custodian, was fatally shot in the head using a TEC-9M [“Mini”], which Intratec”knew or ought to have known that the TEC-9M gun was and is mostly suited to an/or employed in criminal activity,” and that it”lacks valid usage, like athletic, law enforcement of self-protection.” In November 1987, Carlos Garcia formed Navegar so as to take the resources of their company back from his dad and prevent Intratec’s obligations.

Navegar continued to manufacture and promote the TEC-9, also proceeded to do business as Intratec. Intratec U.S.A. declared bankruptcy in 1989, together with all the Bengston and Alicki suits as its only major obligations. The Tec-9’S Firepower, Concealability, And Army Attributes Make It Uniquely Well-Suited For Use In Bulk Shootings.


The TEC-9 is an immediate descendant of army system pistols

Which supply soldiers with greatest firepower at a tiny, lightweight, readily maneuverable package. Machine pistols are best against several targets in close quarters, in which exactly aimed shots aren’t as essential as a large volume of passion.


The TEC-9 keeps the majority of the qualities of machine pistols, also serves the exact same function. While it features a totally automatic rate of fire, its 32-round magazine could be emptied in seconds. The distinctive destructive potential of assault weapons such as the TEC-9 makes them especially attractive to certain offenders, gang members, and drug retailers.

The prior engagement of assault weapons in mass killings such as the Stockton schoolyard shooting left it predictable — though not inevitable — that such weapons could eventually be utilised in additional mass shootings such as Ferri’s assault on 101 California. The TEC-9 Has More Firepower Than Any Other Easily Concealable Weapon.


The TEC-9 represented the most amount of firepower commercially available to buyers in the right time of their 1001 California Street shootings. The TEC-9 provided firepower coming or surpassing that of military-type weapons like the AK-47 along with the Colt AR-15. Its use of staggered, double-column ammunition magazines is closely connected with military law enforcement, not civilian shooting demands. Even big capacity, commercially accessible semi-automatic pistols like the Glock 17 can’t match the firepower of this TEC-9.


The TEC-9’s relatively compact size allows a shooter to transfer a maximum of firepower using a maximum of simplicity, and with much greater concealability compared to other weapons of similar firepower. As an instance, the TEC-9 is capable of being concealed beneath a car seat, in a duffel bag, or slung below a coat. No other weapon accessible had more firepower than the TEC-9, while staying concealable in a briefcase.

Its principal objective is to permit the shooter to grip the cone and sweep the weapon from side to side whilst shooting rapidly — known as a”spray fire” method — without burning their hands. Additionally, it can help to stabilize the weapon through rapid firing. If discharged quickly utilizing a spray flame method (a seasoned shooter could empty a 32-round magazine in minutes ), the TEC-9 may be utilized quite efficiently in close quarters contrary to 5 to 10 people.

Navegar’s guides suggest that using this TEC-9 and TEC-DC9 to get”hipfire,” saying that

As a result of its measurements and layouts, the TEC-9 [and TEC-DC9] may be utilized in modes of passion hopeless with the majority of handguns. The TEC-9’s Threaded Barrel Easily Accommodates Silencers and Barrel Extensions.


Absent in the first KG-9, at some stage the firm added threading into the barrel. The TEC-9’s barrel is threaded to accept accessories like a silencer or cone expansion.

The barrel is threaded to exactly the exact same dimension as the MAC-10 weapons, to take Sionics suppressors (silencers).


There’s not any legitimate use for a silencer. No one considering utilizing the TEC-9 for self love or diversion would be considering a silencer; when they had been, it might indicate a criminal intent.

The TEC-9 is futile for searching, and isn’t utilized in any type of shooting contest. The only recreational usage for your TEC-9 is”plinking” — shooting cans and water bottles. It’s too awkward and incorrect a weapon for the most casual target shooting. Its weight, measurements, and ergonomics make it a bad choice for the instinctive manner people aim when shooting self-defense. Its primitive sights, heavy weight, and gritty trigger pull create exactly aimed shots hard for experienced shooters.


Though the TEC-9’s 32-round capacity might be an advantage in a standoff against law enforcement, or in fact off a rival drug group, it’s a liability at the ordinary home defense situation. The normal home defense situation doesn’t demand over the 6-10 round capability of a typical revolver or semi automatic pistol.


Since it’s designed chiefly for spray flame, the TEC-9 poses a serious threat to everybody in the area of the protector, such as relatives, passersby, and innocent bystanders, and is consequently a danger for self-defense.


The TEC-9 can be designed to fire just full-metal jacketed ammunition. While these ammunition is necessary for military use because of its penetrative power, the exact same attribute makes it typically unsuitable for civilian or law enforcement self-defense functions. A fully jacketed bullet will depart an individual being and continue moving — continued through a wall — and can hit a innocent bystander.

Starting in 1988, Navegar started to aggressively promote and promote the firepower of their TEC-9 in magazines like Soldier of Fortune, Combat Handguns, and S.W.A.T.. The advertisements stated that:

In two-thirds the burden (and cost ) of an Uzi, the TEC-9 series definitely stands out among high ability 9mm assault-type pistols.

Ounce for ounce they provide more gutsy performance and reliability compared to every other gun in the marketplace.


Navegar utilized the term”assault-type pistols” instead of simply”pistols” to explain the TEC-9″[b]ecause that’s how they are classified” from the business. Navegar promoted the TEC-9 as a assault-type weapon”since it might be utilised in an offensive kind scenario or a defensive kind scenario,” and also to communicate the concept that it may be employed to commence fire.

Navegar encouraged the TEC-9 as an”assault-type pistol” to be able to:

Catch the military-type thinking folks in addition to anyone else who… were considering it maybe could not manage other military-type weapons; however if they looked at the firearm itself and understood the cost and the worth, they’d think about buying it.


The words”gutsy performance” from the advertisements meant the TEC-9″had the access to firepower over and beyond most ordinary semiautomatic firearms. The advertisements highlighted the gun’s”36 rounds of firepower,” and its own”threaded barrels. Navegar also prominently shown and highlighted that the TEC-DC9″threaded barrels” in its advertisements.


In promoting and advertising the TEC-9, 1 section of the market targeted at Navegar has been”survivalists,” who’d want the TEC-9 if”war breaks out,” and that would be drawn to the TEC-9 due to its”firepower,” and its own cost.


In part, Navegar promoted in Soldier of Fortune magazine, also exhibited in Soldier of Fortune displays, to achieve this market.

Gian Luigi Ferri was a part of Navegar’s target industry. Assistant Police Chief Sanders stated that:

[T]hat was the overall nature of the Sort of substance, his studying material that was very obvious and is obvious at the flat… They were of that kind


[H]is studying materials were of this soldier of fortune kind, ammunition advertising guns. However there were plenty of these, over a few dozen. They had been all around the area.

Navegar promoted the TEC-9 at Guns Magazine continuously during this period of time, taking the interior front-cover of each matter from May 1992 through May 1993.


The police officers reserved the oldest such dilemma (February 1992) to signs, which included an advertisement for its”Hell-Fire” activate attachment Ferri had equipped his TEC-9’s with.

Mr. Solo was conscious the Hell-Fire switches utilized by Ferri were promoted to be used together with the TEC-9. There were Hell-Fie buttons on the assumptions at Navegar. Mr. Solo wasn’t surprised that Ferri utilized Hell-Fire switches onto his TEC-9’s, since”anyone that wants to take the maximum advantage they could, will attempt to find anything they can to assist that benefit.


Navegar bought stalls at the yearly Soldier of Fortune Convention reveals in Las Vegas in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992, in which it exhibited the TEC-9, dispersed its product prices, also contributed a TEC-9 for a prize. Navegar exhibit in the Soldier of Fortune reveals since the men and women who attended themlike the subscribers of Soldier of Fortune magazine, have been a part of its”target market”

Navegar struck its mark by Ferri. A flyer to the 1993 Soldier of Fortune Convention/Expo was located in his flat. Two weeks prior to his assault 101 California Street, Ferri went shooting at the desert with acquaintance called Michael Spivak.

Mr. Spivak told police investigators

Once I watched Ferri together with both (2) Tech 9’s [sic], I asked him when he believed he was Steven Segal in”Under Siege”?

Navegar exemptions promoted the”TEC-KOTE” end which can be found on the TEC-9 as providing”excellent resistance to fingerprints.” Individuals who did not understand any better might understand this to imply that fingerprints wouldn’t be left to the weapon. In May 1989, Cox Newspapers printed a widely-publicized analysis of BATF tracing information for the period January 1988 through March 1989.

The research ascertained that assault weapons accounted or 10 percent of those weapons tracked, though they represented only about 0.5percent of their firearms in circulation at that moment. On this basis, the research concluded that assault weapons were roughly 1 percent of those firearms in circulation at that moment they accounted for 8 percent of the weapons tracked.

The TEC-9 has been that the assault weapon most often followed by the ATF in every year from 1990 through 1993, comprising 24 percent to 26% of assault weapons traced. An analysis of 33 major metropolitan regions also ascertained the TEC-9 accounted for 24 percent of all assault weapons captured in 1990 and 1991 (for example those who weren’t tracked by BATF), and 42 percent of assault pistols captured.

Navegar’s promotional campaigns were successful. In the year following Mr. Garcia chose the company back from his dad, creation of this TEC-9 increased by 250 percent.

As sales increased, the TEC-9 started to gain notoriety in the media because the assault weapon most often traced to crime.


In March 1989, Mr. Garcia testified at the Bengston case he had heard reports from the press that the TEC-9 proved to be a favorite weapon of criminals. In May 1989, the Cox research was printed, differentiating the TEC-9 because the assault weapon most often traced to crime, and the gun of choice of drug gangs and organized crime — reports which were discovered by Mr. Garcia. Confronted with those allegations from the media, Mr. Garcia explained that:


The sole reason why its No. 1 in your list is since mine is your cheapest cost. The next greatest cost gun of this assault weapon is 2-1/2 times my price.

I understand a few of the guns going from this wind up killing people. But I am not accountable for this.

I’m sort of flattered. It only has that advertisements tingle for it. Hey, it is talked about, it is read , the press write about it. That creates more sales for me personally. It may seem harsh and cold, but I am sales oriented.


Mr. Solo verified that if law enforcement officials stated the TEC-9 was inordinately utilized in offense, it might increase earnings, since”[a]nything bad could be great as far as sales go.”

When asked concerning political efforts to ban the pistol, Mr. Solo laughingly responded that:

The anger of the authorities, the only thing it’s done is increase our earnings. What folks have started to understand is”Geez, I truly want to have that firearm, but when I can not get it , I buy it quickly.” I am sorry to saywhenever anything negative has occurred, earnings have gone tremendously large.


AWCA included a legislative finding and declaration

The proliferation and use of assault weapons poses a danger to the health, safety, and safety of all citizens of the nation.

Mr. Garcia became conscious of the AWCA before it had been enactedwas worried about”the domino effect that took place over the nation.”

The afternoon following the AWCA was signed into law, a bill has been introduced in the Florida legislature which would have prohibited the sale and manufacture of their TEC-9, and then comprised legislative findings almost identical to hose at the AWCA. In May 1990, the United States Senate voted to prohibit the manufacture of this TEC-9, and also the State of New Jersey enacted laws banning its sale within the nation.

As legislative attempts to prohibit the TEC-9 gained momentum, in June 1990, Navegar hunted to capitalize on the problem by marketing the TEC-9 within an”Endangered Species.” Navegar used this term”[t]o have earnings improved. To put it differently, letting folks know that it seemed like that firearm will be disallowed to be marketed, so get it now while you still can.

Navegar Renamed The Tec-9 The Tec-Dc9 To Prevent Liability For Injuries Brought on by Using Tec-9’S Sold Lawfully In Other Jurisdictions. The D.C. law defines”assault weapon” to add the”Intratec TEC-9,” and creates producers of assault weapons:

Strictly liable in tort, without regard to fault or evidence of design flaw, for all damages arising from physical harm or death when the bodily injury or death proximately results in the release of the assault weapon… in the District of Columbia.

Two days after, on November 7, 1991, Mr. Solo was nominated at the USA Today newspaper as stating that”[t]he (D.C.) legislation is absurd… What is next? Mr. Solo testified the initials”DC” stood for”District of Columbia”, which he understood h\this since Mr. Garcia had told him .

Fundamentally where the firearm was disallowed or heading to be disallowed, [he] chose to rename the gun to that aim. Not altering the gun, but I figure to find out whether there was any difficulty in the sales then with only renaming the gun inside that area.


Mr. Solo’s successor, Navegar marketing manager James Hodges, affirmed the”DC” designation stood for”District of Columbia,” and the title was transformed as a means to bypass the District’s strict liability legislation. Navegar contested the legislation in Connecticut state court.

In trying to overturn the ban, Mr. Garcia testified that the letters”DC” stood for”defensive haul,” which”I didn’t change the title to bypass the [DC] law” Garcia explained that”defensive take” referred to some change in the positioning of the sling grabs on the TEC-9 in both sides to the rear of the weapon, enabling it to be transported more smoothly.

Though Navegar began stamping its weapons”TEC-DC9″ on January 17, 1992, it did not really include the new Twist catch till fifteen months after, on April 23, 1993, after having fabricated more than one-hundred thousand”TEC-DC9’s” with no new sling grab, including the weapons employed by Gian Luigi Ferri.

The guns used by Ferri didn’t possess the brand new sling grab, and were in most respects equal to the TEC-9, but for the inclusion of the letters”DC” into the firearm’s receiver. Firearms Manufacturers Must Expect Their Weapons Will Be Utilized In Criminal Actions Actually In States Where They’re Prohibited

Firearms fabricated in the United States proceed by both legal and illegal methods around the nation, into states where certain firearms are limited or prohibited. Manufacturers usually use sellers in many states to advertise their weapons to dealers located around the nation. Federal firearms retailers, consequently, frequently sell guns to additional traders across country lines. There are now over 150,000 licensed federal firearms retailers across the United States.

This bigger dealer network facilitates the fast motion of guns into every nook of the nation. Mr. Garcia himself has testified:

You can sell the [TEC-9] into a distributor in California and when he’s got the connections that he would sell that specific gun back to Pennsylvania. These transactions are listed on a BATF By 4473″Firearms Transaction Record.” Federal law doesn’t require a listing be made in the event that guns is resold to a different individual or a trader. The consequence of this exclusion is a mostly uncontrolled marketplace in privately-owned firearms. The proliferation of gun shows additionally eases the transport of guns from retailers to people and involving private individuals.

Along with legal trades, there are a lot of illegal procedures which ease the movement of particular guns into states where their ownership is limited or prohibited. Purchasers frequently travel to adjoining states which do not have any limitations on the sale or ownership of specific weapons. Although evidence of in-state identification is necessary to buy a handgun, it’s often not challenging in these states to acquire a driver’s permit or additional curricular identification to utilize to generate a buy. This is the method selected by Ferri to buy the TEC-9 assault pistols used in the massacre at 101 California Street.

Gun traffickers also utilize straw purchasers — individuals without criminal records and also in-state identification — to buy guns in substantial quantities in states with weak gun control legislation for transport to resale states with stronger gun laws. Since gun show sales are hard to authorities, lots of gun show exhibitors don’t obey the firearms legislation, making gun indicates a considerable contributor to the illegal traffic in firearms. The theft of firearms from owners and certified traders is also a profitable source of firearms for illegal visitors.

Given that this extensive legal and illegal supply system, after a producer puts a firearm to the flow of commerce by moving it to a distributor, it may anticipate its weapon to maneuver fast and easily across the United States.

The degree of the illegal and legal interstate traffic in firearms is indeed great and the resources that nourish that visitors so successful that U.S. producers of firearms must reasonably anticipate their weapons will be utilized in criminal action across the United States, even in states in which possession and sale of their goods are restricted or prohibited by law. Navegar wasn’t surprised to understand that earnings of this TEC-DC9 into California residents did actually occur, from within and without the nation.

In 1993 and 1994, Navegar received a number of guarantee cards from buyers of those TEC-DC9 who dwelt in California, and who bought their weapons from California dealers.

When asked about the access to this TEC-DC9 in California, Navegar’s marketing manager, James Hodges, responded that Navegar has sent TEC-DC9’s into”California-area distributors.”

This situation is all about irresponsibility and liability. It’s all about the irresponsibility of selling to the public a firearm with extraordinary possibility of mass destruction. It’s all about the responsibility of the vendor once the weapon is foreseeably employed for this purpose.

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