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sheppard software
Written by Mazhar

I do it. You want to allow your kids have some limited screen time, and you also want to have that opportunity to become well spent. Everything you DON’T want would be to allow your kids free on the World Wide Web to stumble upon anything creepy new program or game is out there .

You want a better choice. Fortunately, there’s one! It is named Sheppard Software, and it’s something for everybody.

When you have not attempted Sheppard Software, you have been overlooking out.I’d never heard of Sheppard Software until quite lately. Whenever we checked out it I was psyched! I really don’t want to allow my six year-old play random games, since I really don’t expect what could pop up on the monitor.

sheppard software

This really is a great solution.

In you can discover free software that offers learner-based content at a secure online distance.

The website has had more than 20 million people in the past year alone (so seemingly a couple other people were aware of the gem. Ha!) This software is the best answer for some great, engaging press for the Kindergarten old son. We want to maintain display time down to a dull roar, but in moderation this really is a superb option.This software would function nicely for household usage, in addition to for homeschoolers, also in school computer labs.

Let us begin with some fast Pros and Cons before taking a deeper look in the site:


Free (provided that you do not mind some discreet ads)

Focus is on instructional material, but it is supplied at a game-like style to appeal to children

Plenty of topics have been covered of Sheppard Software (from mathematics to geography to Spanish and more)

Simple to hone in on what you’re searching for (i.e. substance to aid a child practice branch; map-based games for the older child wanting a fun way to get ready for a history test, etc.. )


Pictures are older school, Which Might Be a turn off to some kids

The navigation could be Somewhat overwhelming

There are numerous games available that it may become a diversion for some children

The website comes across as being mostly for younger kids Sheppard Software (pre-school to middle school) and would probably not hold as much charm to high school kids.

It is free. If you realize that business please allow me to know.


If you want to have an ad free website you’re able to pay $36 a year for individual use of Sheppard Software, even though this isn’t mandatory, because the ads are so discreet in the free edition. I frankly do not even detect them.

Should you want an ad-free encounter (maybe if you are an instructor ), here are the paid choices.


To fortify academic content they are working in school

As homework (if Used by schools)

For amusement (this really is a Fantastic alternative to traditional video games)

For therapeutic assistance if a child is struggling with some heart academic theories of Sheppard Software (i.e. identifying characters, performing basic math, etc.. ) They offer segments for:




Mature learners

The website would hold bigger appeal for younger students by Sheppard Software; I’d say pre-school and basic school especially.

What is nice about how in which the content is broken down is that it’s easy to find precisely the correct match for the ability level your child is functioning at.

It is wonderful to discover a site which you could feel comfortable with your child with, without worrying about the content which they may encounter!


Sheppard Software may be somewhat overwhelming at first glance.

There are a whole lot of choices on the site, but upon getting the lay of this land it is easy enough to browse.

On the left hand of this page there’s a “Popular Games” section by Sheppard Software, also on the ideal hand side it is possible to discover fresh content.

As soon as you start playing the numerous games, it is simple to go down a rabbit hole of associated content.

But unlike YouTube, there is nothing sketchy for kids on this site! That means that you can feel confident your child isn’t likely to stumble to a very creepy bunny hole full of weird challenges and animations which were produced by means of a cult. Thus Sheppard Software, win!

Worst case scenario they wind up on a game that’s too tough for them, and you might want to help them browse back to the suitable ability level. I will take that risk over the entire cult thing.

The several options available can be an asset when you’ve got an independent child who likes to explore issues in depth. But, it might possibly be distracting for a child too.

If remaining with a single action is very important to the child, you might need to help direct them along a little.


The USA Geography section Is Quite THOROUGH.

You are able to learn the capitals and conditions (do not get too cocky, you might feel as if you’ve got a grip on this Sheppard Software, but…only search for South Dakota.

There’s a lot to learn: everything in the Harlem Renaissance to some US Landmark Puzzle section.

For a curious student, it is good that so much information is available in an easy to consume manner. It comes across like the displays you see at history and science museums, where it is possible to press a button and also find out more about whatever it’s on screen.

Terrific online instructional games,notably geography.

Want to understand the capitals of each nation in Asia? Not really? And they’re able to exercise right here.

Much like at the US Geography segment, there’s a whole lot of content of Sheppard Software. Kids taking World History courses should find a great deal of mileage from this segment, especially if they will need to incorporate anything linked to geography.

This segment reminds me lots of this National Geographic for Kids Magazines, which my son loves.

There is a good deal of factual information, which ought to interest an elementary school aged child. Kids this age love brand new details by Sheppard Software, therefore use this to your benefit.

Want to learn everything there is to learn about bears, child?

This segments has a combo of games geared toward enhancing grammar of Sheppard Software, in Addition to many different Word Games for pleasure (Crossword Puzzles, Hangman, etc.) The goal age category here runs the gamut; there is game-based content for little ones studying exactly what nouns are:

In Sheppard Software’s Science department they well break out the material into actions for younger kids, then obviously marked alternatives for “elementary/middle school” elderly kids too.

If you want to learn what makes a mammal a mammal, you have come to the perfect location. If you wandered in here searching to get a true mammal, please redirect yourself to a nearby farm.

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