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Review: The Prime Exclusive LG Stylo 4 is a bargain-basement Galaxy Note (but we love it)

LG Stylo 4
Written by Mazhar

The LG Stylo 4 is a stylus-enabled phone seeking to fill the emptiness left in anyone’s life who can not (or will not ) manage the Galaxy Note 9. Whether it succeeds is your decision, but we fell in love with this specific apparatus despite its apparent shortcomings.

It’d be absurd to compare a funding phone into the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy Note 9. My colleague Napier Lopez known as the Note 9 that a”welcome return for disgusting specs” As for me, I’d call it the cover of the low-tier in certain regions (battery, RAM) and underside of this mid-tier in other people (USB C, screen dimensions ).

LG Stylo 4

The Stylo’s style

However, as there are not plenty of stylus-equipped phones on the market, let us bring the one statistic which is employed from the Stylo 4 prefer: it only costs $299, and if you buy the Amazon Prime Exclusive variation you will get it unlocked and $50 cheaper.

That is a great discount contemplating everything you are giving up in trade is a few real-estate on your own phone to Amazon programs which you may either disable or remove. The Note 9 will put you back a little more.

Egads, for this price you can purchase four Stylo 4s and maintain a couple as backups. Or even better purchase one Stylo 4 and invest your leftover money on a whole lot of other cool gadgets.

However, before you do, lets discuss the Stylo 4 to its own virtue. Here are the specifications:

3,300 mAh non-removable battery using USB Type-C rapid charging

I am not likely to equivocate here this is largely an average actress, so far as the specifications go. It is going to play audio, movie, and many games without difficulty. The Q6 is somewhat underwhelming compared along with also the Moto Xwhile stronger, has a bigger screen. Along with also the Stylo 4 is your only Prime Exclusive phone using a stylus.

About that Lg Stylo 4

It is a stunning phone so long as you are looking at it in the front or one of those sides. But if you flip it over, you are treated to some glistening plastic back with a little textured picture that makes the phone look more affordable than it is.

That I really like the screen, those bezels are so modest that I double-checked to be sure that I had the suitable inspection unit. A 250 phone generally does not have a screen this large or bezels this little. Just purchase a situation to pay the back.

It only comes in black, my favorite color to get a phone, however I will not hold that against it because it is pretty much industry standard. I was amazed to see not only a headphone jack, but in addition a USB-C charging interface.

Some people are still on the fence about USB-C, and deal shoppers are frequently the last to want the update, but for me it is a selling point — it is here, might too learn how to appreciate it.

Relating to this stylus The screen is only two-tenths of an inch bigger compared to Note 9. That is pretty large for a budget apparatus. Any smaller and you would be capable of enjoy jotting notes using a pencil, which might be why you do not find cheap phones with built-in styluses frequently.

Fortunately, the Stylo 4’s stylus functions very nicely. It feels great in your hands and great about the screen. I used it for a couple of weeks rather than felt the smallest bit of lag as a bonus, my screen was generally free from fingerprints.

It is not ideal by any means, however LG will not figure out how to make the applications work perfectly. You may customize exactly what happens once you unsheathe the stylus, which makes it a cinch to whip it out and get any program or shortcut you pick. Using the pencil works fine. What is not so great is that the layout of the pencil about this slot that it fits into.

Within my usage I thought I had about a 50/50 shot at any certain time of slipping the stylus back into its small hole without needing to pull it back out and then rotate it to find the very best to line up with the slot machine. It is frustrating, but not a deal-breaker.

What is this for?

That is the $64,000 question (or at least $250 one). If you’d like a phone which comes with its stylus, however, you do not feel like dishing out a $1000 or more, then that is the phone you’re searching for. Sure, you might find an old version Note, but the Note 8 costs at least twice as far as the brand new Stylo 4, and also the Note 7 has been stopped to be in danger of causing fires. Yikes!

The LG Stylo 4 is still a fantastic phone. Provided that you are not a power-user that requires a top-notch chip, this phone is ideal for your everyday use, and great for taking notes or simply doodling through your meetings.

Additionally, if you are a tired mess like I’m, you will love finding out you do not need to wash your screen 50 times per day should you use the stylus for all.

LG Stylo 4

That I really like this phone, it warms up and attempts something which many producers seem fearful of. No, it does not compete with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 9, do not be silly. However, the majority of us do not require that phone, and surely not in the Note’s cost. I will stick with the LG Stylo 4, so it is a stylus-equipped phone for the rest of us.

You’re able to receive your LG Stylo 4 Prime Exclusive variant on Amazon at this time.

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