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Ninjago Games, Get ready to experience the Ninjago Island 1!

Ninjago Games
Written by Mazhar

Combine the bravest warriors in the Lego world with all the Ninjago games

If you’re a lover of Asian civilization and ninjas, you will definitely delight in this magical kingdom. Young and old, girls or boys, everybody appears to love this collection! Why is this?

To start with, that the Lego Ninjago games world is a exceptional mixture of Asian and contemporary culture. Do you like ancient ninja weapons? Are you a lover of quick and impressive automobiles? Following that, you are in luck! This computer-animated show combines the very best of both worlds. As an example, you may encounter enormous mechanical dragons and amazing robots. Does not that sound cool?

It centers on a group of young, nevertheless gifted ninjas. What makes them special? They’ve been coaching for years beneath the watchful eye of Master Wu. The shrewd Sensei has educated Cole, Zane, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Nya the best way to restrain the forces of Sprinjitzu. However, it is up to them to master the Components and struggle against those who want to conquer their territory. Can they succeed?

Ninjago Games

The Wu-Cru is the best in the Ninjago games!


Get prepared to fulfill six of their most proficient ninjas! It is possible to find a flavor of the amazing powers together with all the Ninjago Rush game.

Primarily, let us meet Cole! When he first struck Wu, he lacked goal. Despite the fact that his skills were impressive, he was not able to restrain them. However, now things are astoundingly different! In reality, that this Earth ninja is one of the most concentrated members of the group.

Next, let us proceed to Zane! This Ice ninja really has an icy character too. At first sight, he could appear very shy and odd. But he’s loyal, considerate, respectful, and incredibly strong. Do not let looks fool you!

Enough with all the solemn air! Do not be fooled, however, because his abilities are no joke! As a matter of fact, he’s one of the most effective personalities of this Ninjago Island. Would you wish to experience his amazing powers?

Who’s the hot-headed warrior? Exactly like his name suggests, he could be spontaneous, overconfident, and even greedy. However, his guts, fire, and type soul make him a fantastic ninja!

Heroism isn’t just for boys! Nya is the best example that women can be independent and powerful. That is the reason she called herself Samurai X, master of plain water. You also ought to understand that she’s Kai’s sister along with Jay’s crush. Even if he began as a mischievous kid, he became a powerful and calm adolescent. Are not his abilities impressive?

Defend humanity from the forces of evil!


Many odd forces threaten the equilibrium of Ninjago games Island. Therefore it is the Wu-crew’s task to guard this magical kingdom. However there are many factions of all villains! How can they figure out how to defeat all of them?

Are you really afraid of snakes? I really hope not! The Serpentine is a early race of reptilian humanoids who dominated the whole kingdom of Ninjago games. However, the conflicts between different factions have compelled all of the tribes to combine into a war against people. What makes them fearsome is the simple fact they are barbarous and warlike animals that measure everything concerning power. It is going to be challenging to defeat them!

Most popular Ninjago Games

  1. Ninjago Rush
  2. Ninjago Possession
  3. Ninjago Skybound
  4. Spinjitzu Snakedown
  5. Spinjitzu Smash Dx
  6. In No Man’s Land
  7. Rise of the Nindroids
  8. Fallen Ninja
  9. Meister Chens Labyrinth
  10. Return of the Oni

Best Ninjago Games to play on mobile devices

  1. In No Man’s Land
  2. Meister Chens Labyrinth
  3. Return of the Oni
  4. Swamp-Arena
  5. Kai-Chi


What’s more, every tribe of Serpentines comes with an extraordinary power which makes them a powerful foe. As an instance, the Hypnobrai could control the minds of the opponents with one glimpse. The secret to beating them is to prevent eye contact or violate their attention. Would you succeed? Perform the Spinjitzu Snakedown game to discover.

Are you fearful already? Were you aware he had been Master Wu’s first pupil? However, he combined the forces of evil when he understood he was not destined to be the Green Ninja.

Ninjago Games

Although he was free-spirited and decided as a youthful Ninja, jealousy, and anger got the very best of the supervillain.

There are a lot more fascinating stories to find out and foes to conquer from the Ninjago games. Just like a real ninja, you’ll require determination and training! It is possible to play the games in your own personal computer or notebook, with any browser. A few of the games are available to your tablet computer or Android and iOS phones. Here you may observe the games 1 – 30. The most popular game is Ninjago Rush, that is played 84150 days up to now, and also the most rated one is Ninjago Skybound, together with 3905 votes obtained.


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