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How to Void a Check to use to set up a Direct Deposit

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How to Void a Check, Get your paycheck directly deposited to your bank account to save yourself time and hassle. If you have never set up a direct deposit before, it may not be very comforting. Most companies will ask for a voided check to set up your direct deposit as well as filling out a form. They ask for this as a check has all of the information your employer should help ensure that the paycheck is deposited into your account. If you do not have reviews, you can order checks online. They could fill it out and draw cash from the bank account. Heal statements like money. In this article we will learn about How to Void a Check.

Compose VOID in large letters across the full surface of the check


  • Date lineup
  • Payee lineup
  • Level box
  • Level line

Use a blue or black pen to write this. You want the ink to become permanent. Once you void the check, listing the canceled check number on your check register. This can allow you to recall that the bill has been withdrawn and you are not waiting for it to clean your account. If this check number is submitted to your account, contact your bank straight away. In the end, should you use duplicate checks, ensure that your VOID marks are observed on the copy, also.

Alternative Strategies to Set Up Direct Deposit with no Voided Check


In case you don’t have paper checks, it is still possible to enjoy the advantages of direct deposit. You can find a voided check by visiting your bank and asking a teller to publish one.

Ask your bank if they have directions about the best way best to set up a direct deposit. The info that you want may be there.

If your employer does not need a voided check and utilizes a form instead, you’re going to want some advice from the bank to fill out the form correctly. You will want:

  • Your navigation number
  • Title of the bank
  • Town and state of this bank

Your routing number is unique for your bank. No more two banks have the same routing number. Your bank account number is unique for your account. No two versions in precisely the same bank are going to have the same account number. The town and state of this bank isn’t the speech of this branch you visit. It is the state and city of the headquarters of the bank. Determined by your bank, it is possible to get this information on the internet, in your bank statements, in your checks (if you’ve got these), or you may visit a teller and ask for this info.

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