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How to TURN OFF Avast Antivirus Temporarily IN 3 WAYS

how to turn off avast
Written by Mazhar

In the past couple of decades, Avast, the programmer of this same-name antivirus for PCs and mobile devices, has been promoting information of its customers to third parties (read the comprehensive investigation here). The question is that how to turn off avast temporary? The biggest IT companies, such as Microsoft and Google, purchase such information. Many tech publications, which ran their investigations, even accused Avast of advertising consumers’ data. The users noticed they weren’t able to disable surveillance of the action in the Avast programs in how to turn off avast?. Thus, we don’t advise using Avast goods; it’s far better to concentrate on different, safer manufacturers: PCMatic, McAfee, TotalAV, Norton, or even Bullguard.

Whatever you select, behave at your own risk.

how to turn off avast

How to Turn Off Avast Completely (Disabling All Shields)?


There are scenarios when antivirus software won’t recognize and permit installing specific kinds of applications or software. Or antivirus will block your favourite sites occasionally. So, the alternative is to delete the antivirus completely and be vulnerable to various types of threats or disable the software for a brief moment.

If you’re using one of those Avast goods, then you might elect to switch off the entire Avast antivirus or discontinue certain shields in how to turn off avast? Our step-by-step guide can allow you to experience each procedure quickly.

If you opt to fully turn that how to turn off avast?be mindful you will switch off the entire antivirus protection on your own machine. To do so follow the steps below of how to turn off avast?. Proceed to the Windows taskbar and Hunt for the orange Avast icon. Subsequently, right-click onto it and locate”Avast shields control” Pick one of those choices — disable for 10 minutes OR 1 hour OR until pc restart OR permanently.

Confirm your selection by tapping on YES when Avast requests you. Done! Avast antivirus and the shields must be paused for the time you’ve selected. To assess if the antivirus is truly disabled, simply open its main window. To go back the purpose, click the button”Resolve” of how to turn off avast? ¬†and then await a second to find the message”You are protected.”

How to Disable Specific Avast Shields?

Occasionally turning off a number of Avast shields must be sufficient to have the ability to download the essential program or unblock a specific site. Here’s what you need to do in order to utilize this choice. In the Avast user interface for how to turn off avast, then proceed to”Protection” and then”Core Shields”. Or at the bottom left corner of this Avast interface locate”Settings” then go to”Components” (could be”Active Protection” in case you’re using a old version).

You will notice the listing of Avast shields. Locate the ones that you would like to flip off and click the switcher. You may have four choices — pause the protector for 10 minutes OR 1 hour OR until pc restart OR permanently. Create your pick. In case the shield was turned off, then you will realize the change change to”OFF” along with the message”File Shield is currently off”. To return, tap on the button”Turn on” and then await another before it turns green and you find the message”You are shielded”.

Whether or not you have how to turn off avast antivirus as a whole or merely some of its shields, it is possible to do it readily. You might even delete the software entirely (that isn’t recommended however ).

But, be certain that you receive your protection back as soon as you solve the matter.

Adjust sensitivity

Antivirus software may be the reason you can’t set up the app successfully, like drivers, video application and other essential applications. They may not comprehend the software.

Click on the little triangle in your Windows taskbar to open the notification area. Right-click that the Avast Antivirus icon to get a list of options about the security package. You are able to pick the choice based on the length of time you would like to disable Avast Antivirus in how to turn off avast?.

You can change the sensitivity of this Core Shields in the default sensitivity. High sensitivity raises the protection and possibility of false positive malware detections. Low sensitivity lessens the possibility of false positive detections, but might also lower the efficacy of this Core Shields.

Click and hold the white mark, then slip it to a desired sensitivity setting

Configure behaviour preferences

Specify exactly what you would like the Core Shields to perform if they discover viruses and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

Select your preferred choice:

Repair automatically (recommended): The automated repair attempts to fix the file. If repair isn’t feasible, the document goes to the Virus Chest in how to turn off avast. If this fails, then the document is deleted in the PC.

Request: You’re prompted to determine what to do every time a hazard is detected.

Blow Off potentially undesirable programs: The Core Shields will not scan for these kinds of threats.

Empower CyberCapture Technology: An extra protection which assesses unrecognized documents.

Consistently block a risk: virtually all threats automatically.

Ask me about conclusion: You’re prompted to determine what to do every time a hazard is detected.

Empower Hardened Mode

Recommended for inexperienced computer users that wish to actually secure their PC of how to turn off avast. Hardened Mode uses data based on standing services to ascertain which executable files are safe to open.

Empower Rootkit detection

Monitors concealed malicious threats on your system. Unticking this alternative may solve possible compatibility problems which could lead to system crashes.

Permit Harness detection: Detect and block efforts to conduct malicious threats or procedures in the machine memory which may exploit vulnerable programs on your computer for how to turn off avast. Unticking this alternative might cause possible compatibility problems which could result in system crashes.

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