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How To Save JW Player Videos From A Website – Quick and Easy Steps

Written by Zain

Perhaps you’ve become a situation such as this before and requesting yourself.   

Wait, what exactly are JW Player videos anyhow? “

For nearly all active and always on the move, who would not wish to sit back, relax, and see a video.

 That can be because of many different factors. 

Things such as the pace of your Internet that might influence your viewing experience because of constant buffering. Another is that the equilibrium of your Internet link. Imagine if your relationship suddenly drops? That’ll be a nightmare, ideal?!

Moving back to the subject, JW Player is just one of the most popular video players who support HTML5. Let us say that going ahead, our seeing adventures while browsing the Internet will soon get much better. It’ll become quicker. No longer third party applications needed or plugins. HTML5 supported browsers may play and operate nearly everything effortlessly. This is precisely the same as having online video streaming. YouTube is also among the very first video streaming sites which use an HTML5 video player.

 And I am quite sure that you don’t care in any way.  

It’s because we’re supposed to talk about how it is possible to save JW Player videos by an internet site.  

The most pupil has this difficulty when they attempt to download some other instruction videos within their note-taking tablet computer or notebook.

Okay, then, let us start.


Different Ways How To Download JW Player Videos


Should you hunt now with crucial words, for example –“how to download JW videos,” then”how to see JW player videos offline,” or”rescue JW videos.”

This implies some could work, but most won’t. Why? Most of the website owners are becoming smarter now whenever they upload a video. A number of them include a different extension name into the media or video filename, so it will not be simple for you to receive them. Cases will be the likes of, in which most of the MP4 videos are from the arrangement of .mp4. TS. They include”TS” as an extra expansion name. Anyways, it’s merely one of many ways to cloak a videogame. 

 Let us try the next measures, then? But, how are you going to know that a video is utilizing JW Player? Straightforward


How to identify whether a video is using JW Player?


 Point or put your mouse across the video.

Two Right-click it, and you’ll see something such as”Powered by JW Player (variant ).” That is it!

If that is true, then we are now able to proceed with the upcoming actions.


Download JW Player Videos using Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Inspect Element



You can use Mozilla Firefox or even Google Chrome if you would like to download JW Player videos using this technique. One benefit of this is that you won’t have to install additional plugins or software to download JW Player videos. All you’ll need is the browser, Internet connection (obviously ), mouse, and a pair of eager eyes. 

1. Open your browser. We’ll utilize Google Chrome for this particular example. And visit the site where you would like to download the movie.

2. Let us use the same link over, for example. Right-click to the closest white-space in the movie and click Inspect. Examine the model screenshot below.

3.When the Developer’s tool Inspect segment window opens, instantly find Network.

4. We’ve chosen Network for this particular case because we need to capture the instance when the video will be called to perform with. As Soon as You’re at the Network, click Media. You do not need to get overwhelmed with most data going through the network, do you not? Thus, we’ll stick to Media content.

5. We are ready now. You now need to hit the play button in the JW player video and see what will happen on your own Inspect element window. Incidentally, you do not need to complete playing with the video. When you see the video file onto your Inspect element window, it’s possible to pause the video.

6. Click your target video, and you’ll see the requested URL in which the video is located. You need to copy the URL so we can start downloading the video in the next step.

7. Now that you have copied the URL, open a new browser and paste the URL there. Then the last step is you can right-click again anywhere around the video and Save it.

That Is it! You’ve downloaded JW Player videos by a site without downloading any third-party programs or plugins.


Download JW Player Videos with Mozilla Firefox Page Info



The first one didn’t work for you? Worry not, let us try this one. The following method remains free of downloading any extra software to download JW Player videos. This one will function with the usage of Mozilla Firefox’ Page Info alternative. And here are some measures. The measures for this particular one is faster and more comfortable than the first one — up to now.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and proceed to the site where you would like to download the movie. Let us use the same one over for the sake of the demonstration.

2. Right-click everywhere on the page and look for Page Info.

3. Subsequently, a new smaller window will open called Page Info. By default, you’ll be taking a look at the overall window. You have to click on the Media to test all of the pictures and videos embedded inside the page.

4. If you become aware of the screenshot above, you have to get the movie you would like to download and then click “Save …”. Then, it’s your opportunity to save the film locally.

That was simple, right?


Save JW Player Videos With JavaScript By Adding A Download Button



If you’re a technical person and understand some basic HTML and JavaScript scripting, that will work for you.

JW Player printed an open-source JavaScript code in Github that adds a download button at the JW player movie.

Here is the sample script they’ve provided.

Last Resort To Save JW Player Videos – Download Internet Download Manager (IDM)


As much as you can, I do not wish to encourage you to download anything. I mean, like searching for something such as a JW player downloader.

But if you bumped to the case I mentioned previously where the uploader attempts to cloak the videos, then you may get stuck. Particularly if you’re not a tech-savvy man.

If all fails, I will advocate using the “Internet Download Manager” software with this last resort. You can google it. It is not that hard to locate it. 

The fantastic thing about the software? It works, and it’s not restricted only for downloading JW player videos but for whatever that’s downloadable. The drawback? You only receive a 30-day trial, and following that, you have to buy it to relish. 

Thus, use this software for 30-days in case you do not have plans to buy it.

I shall bypass the setup and setup procedure because I don’t find it hard anyhow. The installer is user friendly to lead you about what to do. Thus, let us proceed with the best way to download JW Player videos using Internet Download Manager (IDM).

1. start your browser; any browser can perform since Internet Download Manager will add it to any compatible browsers.

2. Proceed to the site where your JW Player movie is saved.

3. As soon as you’re there and also the page finished loading, then you’ll discover a button such as the one in the screenshot.

4. hit that”Download this movie ” and choose where you need to save the movie.

Fundamentally, that is it! Now you can enjoy viewing the videos you have downloaded everywhere and anyplace!


Whether there are different approaches you understand the way it is possible to save JW player videos, please share it with us to add it and help others. Thus far, the measures above are those functioning according to our testing. I am confident that there are other ways out there. However, we wish to make things easier and more comfortable for you.



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