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Here’s how you take a Samsung Screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy phone 2020

Samsung Screenshot
Written by Mazhar

At least once every month google the way to take a Samsung screenshot in my Samsung Galaxy phone, which is particularly embarrassing since I am a technician reporter. But lots of the manuals I find have absurd suggestions about the best way best to take screenshots that is certainly the main reason I remember.

Actually there is just one adequate method. That is why I’ve created this humble manual, to allow me to recall, something what’ll hopefully be useful for you also.

Below you’ll find the way to take a screenshot (the ideal way) and also the way to perform a scroll catch, i.e. a scrolling screenshot. I will also include two different methods of taking screenshots, but don’t use these.

The intellectual: Hold down the ‘volume down button’ + ‘power button’

It is extremely simple, you just hold down the volume down button and power button in precisely the exact same moment. The volume down button is on the top left side along with also the power button at the top right.

Samsung Screenshot

The volume down button power button combo will be for taking screenshots on newer variants, such as the Galaxy S9, while it is slightly different for older versions

On older versions — such as my reliable ol’ Galaxy S6 — there is a gorgeous physical house button in the bottom of the display (RIP). To take a screenshot that you just have to hold down the house button and the power button on the top right side.

Each time you take a screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy a scroll record option pops up at the bottom left corner.

This may, as an instance, permit you to screenshot whole articles (do not do this to our posts, simply send a connection ) or some candy chain of memes.

And that is all you want to know! But if you are interested to understand the dark side of accepting screenshots, continue reading…

The heretic:’ Ungodly ‘palm swipe attribute’

My colleague swears by the hand-swiping method, but probably because he is either a psychopath or a lizard individual (they’re out there).

Allegedly, it is possible to take a screenshot by swiping your hands awkwardly through the display of your phone. I will not get it to operate correctly and it is much more hassle than simply pressing down two buttons, so that I do not understand why this is even an alternative.

My sweaty awkward hands cannot handle it because it requires attention, fantastic hand-eye coordination, and sufficient space around you to swipe your powerful arm back and forth. It is ridiculous.

In case you really do wish to practice the dark arts, then make sure hands swipe attribute is enabled.

Visit Settings, then Advanced attributes

Attempt the hopeless movement and Put the side of the palm of the hands on the edge of the display and swipe across

Regrettably, there is an additional way to take a screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy.

Request Bixby well to take a samsung screenshot

I will acknowledge that Bixby Voice may be helpful for carrying a screenshot, but it is still a’no’ from me. I am still incredibly uncomfortable talking out loudly for my phone (I am a neanderthalI understand ) but I really do think bulk of society is with me on this, at least in a public atmosphere.

Samsung Screenshot

It is horribly pretentious viewing some self-defined’techie’ utilize a voice helper around other men and women. Your phone use is the organization; do not shout about it my area.

If you are alone, or not able to hold the phone to the button mix, it is possible to ask Bixby well to take a screenshot for you.

And that is it!

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