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Gaming Sager Laptops NP8156 Review

Sager Laptops
Written by Mazhar



The Sager laptops NP8156 provides exceptional performance at an aggressive cost be ready to take care of its battery life and possible cooling problems.


Good functionality

Fantastic build quality

Decent cost

G-Sync screen with Good comparison


High grayscale & Typical color mistake

Introduction and Product Tour of Sager Laptops

The gaming laptops we’ve tested have been from out of the typical suspects: Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Acer, as well as Razer and Dell; all together with design groups to personalize and design systems with intention. However, some boutique systems stores source simple, barebones laptop cubes or chassis out of the likes of Clevo laptop.

Sager Laptops



Since the Sager gaming laptop NP8156 relies on a Clevo layout, the packaging is actually only a standard box. The notebook is fastened with three corners of Styrofoam.

You’ll discover a disk with guides and drivers, screws to your extra SSDs and HDDs, a (rather big ) user’s manual, a guarantee coverage, and two additional thermal pads to your GPU’s VRAM. The 200W AC adapter is kept in a different compartment within the box.



The crisp, minimalist lid design includes strategically beveled borders, providing the Sager NP8165 a tidy, nevertheless unmistakably gamer decorative. The exterior features a black, black brushed alloy finish.

MSI’s laptops use brushed alloy too, but these versions are somewhat glossier, whereas the NP8165’s end is a whole lot more muted, therefore fingerprints and smudges will not be the problem they’re about MSI’s laptops; nevertheless keeping the surface wash nonetheless is not simple.

Eventually, Sager finds its business logo front and centre on the Clevo-based chassis.

Indoors, at the bottom half in which the trackpad is situated, we see exactly the same brushed metal feel, but the area surrounding the computer keyboard and upwards utilizes a black plastic structure.

This might be the consequence of a few cost-cutting, but the plastic structure does not feel cheap. If anything, then you won’t need to wash out the plastic pieces up to the brushed metal surfaces.

Front, back, and side borders all use the exact plastic structure. There are two exhaust ports: 1 on the rear edge and one on the left border. The rear edge features an elaborate, chrome edge enclosing the back exhaust and I/O vents.

The exhaust vents are not the flashy designs we have found on many notebooks. You will find abundant air consumption cutouts on both sides of the bottom panel, however that does not undermine the panel’s rigidity.

In reality, the panel is rather hardy. There is an extra exhaust port on the left side of this chassis. All in all, the chassis structure is strong; there aren’t any flex points, and also the regions constructed from plastic do not feel flimsy.

The Sager NP8165 (or quite Clevo’s design group ) receives high marks for exceptional speaker positioning. Too many notebook manufacturers put speakers on the front lip of this machine.

Regular use, for example scanning and using the trackpad, will block the speakers and also inhibit the sound experience. The NP8165’s speakers are put right next to the hinge, which makes it pretty tough to block the noise.

There is not much to say regarding the NP8165’s hinge. It is a little rigid, and it melts down by about 135°. The left side contains an HDMI 2.0 jack, yet another USB 3.0 jack, and two Mini Display ports. At length, the backside has a closing USB 3.0 port as well as also the DC power input.


The Sager NP8165 features a complete HD (1920×1080) matte IPS screen with exceptional viewing angles. The screen also features G-Sync. The NP8165 will support three additional screens with its HDMI interface and two Mini Display Ports.

The RGB lighting features four levels of brightness, along with the light regions are split between the left and right hand sides along with the number pad.

Input Devices


The trackpad consists of inputs. First is your trackpad, which can be non-clickable. Tracking is adequate, but the trackpad’s surface includes a little bit of drag, which introduces jerkiness when seeking to create little, delicate movements.

Separating the buttons in the trackpad eliminates problems such as non-uniform dust and clicking travel beneath the trackpad. The detector is simple to set up, and logging in with this requires under a second.

Sager Laptops


The bottom panel is fastened to the chassis through 15 screws. Beneath the panel you get a crystal clear perspective of these sager computers NP8165’s guts. Every notebook we’ve reviewed utilizes a unified cooling system with heating pipes attached to both the GPU and CPU heat sinks.

The NP8165’s cooling system is divided into two, together with the CPU with one fan at the bottom left corner along with the GPU with two lovers at the bottom right. We’ll see if this makes a huge difference.

There are two memory card slots in the center, two 2.5″ SATA slots and a M.two slot for storage to the top right, an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 over the GPU’s exhaust fans, along with a 60WH battery to the top.

There are a couple thermal pads connected to the bottom cover which are meant for your GPU’s MOSFETs and inductors.


Pressing Fn + / about the number pad opens the Control Center program, where you are able to fix keyboard backlighting, produce macro profiles, and monitor key utilization data. Lighting effects include range biking, breathing, flashing, wave effects, and much more.

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