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EVOO laptop 15″ Gaming Laptop – How to Find the Best Offers

Evoo laptop
Written by Mazhar

Evoo laptop Gaming is a Walmart house manufacturer, and frankly, I was very skeptical regarding the EVOO Gaming 15″ Laptop. I presumed the only way it might provide this impressive configuration for under $1,000 would be to utilize a shoddy, inexpensive chassis. The plan is not ideal, however, the laptop feels solidly built. Additionally, it is not a hulking mass such as most budget gaming laptops.

What exactly can the evoo laptop 15 glow, and

where does it fall short?

The Evoo laptop 15 includes an all-black design built from the metal and plastic materials. The display cover is metal, which allows for the display to be unbelievably lean without feeling great. The remaining part of the chassis is made of plastic, which is quite normal for a budget gaming laptop.

A soft-finish coating onto the keyboard helps conceal the fact that it is made from plastic. Along with the soft-touch substance on the wrist-rest region feels more luxurious than you may anticipate. Having said that, the deck flexes when pressed, a problem common to a lot of plastic enclosures. Additionally, the soft-touch coating is a magnet for dirt and dust, while the metallic lid brings fingerprints and smudges.

Evoo laptop

Keyboard design of evoo laptop

The keyboard includes a dedicated number pad and is extremely comfortable. The keys themselves are silent and supply the perfect quantity of traveling for touch typists. They’ve a springier feel compared to butterfly keyboards of Evoo laptop found in MacBooks, but in exactly the exact same time they do not feel mushy. Heavy, thunderous typists, though, will probably feel that the center of the keyboard bend under the strain of the keystrokes.

Control of Backlight

RGB backlighting may be controlled through the Evoo laptop Control Center program, and provides six light routines and four zones. It is also possible to adjust the brightness and rate of the light effects. Against the differently all-black layout, the RGB lights are spectacular.

The touchpad includes a matte finish and also felt receptive when tasked with several gestures. It is centered under the keyboard, without taking into consideration the number pad to the correct. I personally enjoy this counter positioning since it keeps my hands based on the keyboard, but that is undoubtedly a subjective item.

To get a gaming laptop, the Evoo laptop 15 is rather compact. But it seems a bit thicker than it actually is. This is a result of the four rubber feet on the base panel, two of which can be very beefy. While they might not appear good, these fat rubberized feet keep the laptop from slipping and they also help the machine exude warmth. Besides ports on both sides and rear edges, the laptop has big port places on the underside panel.


Screen size

A 1080p image is standard with this particular screen size, but the rapid 144Hz refresh speed is what’s going to raise gamers’ eyebrows. Most laptops comprise a 60Hz display, therefore 144Hz provides a definite increase for gaming, making sure motions appear smoother and without blurring.

Though the Evoo laptop 15 does not possess the brightest display I have struck — I’d its own brightness maxed out at a bright area with natural sun and wanted I could have pushed it the picture is well-balanced with precise colours.

Thin, contemporary bezels framework the display. The very best bezel is actually so sparse it leaves no space for the webcam, and it is rather located beneath the display. This placement does not supply the most flexible angle for video chats, however, the 720p webcam generates crisp pictures and videos.

The laptop’s stereo speakers are typical, making tinny sound without much bass response. This is a fairly common problem with laptops, nevertheless, and if audio quality is a leading concern of yours you most likely already have a set of headphones near.

So far as ports go, you will get a broad variety across either side of this machine. These include a USB 2.0 Type-A port, an Ethernet jack and different headphone and microphone jacks on the left side. Additionally, there are two USB 3.1. Type-A interfaces plus a media card slot on the rightside. On the rear edge you’ll come across an HDMI interface, two miniature DisplayPort vents and a USB 3.1 Type-C port. It is helpful to have HDMI and DisplayPort choices, in addition to both the Type-A and Type-C USB interfaces, so that you don’t have to keep tabs on almost any dongles to connect to various monitors and apparatus.


Yes. Ray Tracing? No.


The Evoo laptop 15 includes the Intel Core i7-9750H, a six-core, 12-thread CPU using a base frequency of 2.6GHz plus a maximum Turbo frequency of 4.5GHz. Together with its own 16GB of RAM, the laptop gives a smooth Windows 10 encounter. It’s enough muscle for acute multitasking, in addition to networking editing. Along with the 512GB SSD offers ample storage space for your photos, videos, photographs and much more.

The headlining spec for gamers is your 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti card. It is based on Nvidia’s Turing architecture introduced using its present RTX lineup, but sadly does not have all the Turing attributes, such as real time beam tracing. I managed to run games in framerates well over 60 frames per second in the EVOO 15’s native resolution with quality settings set to highquality. What is more, all 3 games ran smoothly using a dynamic picture that revealed details in both bright and dim regions.

Most gaming laptops require an active and competitive cooling system to maintain the high-powered parts from overheating. Even the Evoo laptop 15 is rather quiet during regular Windows usage, but the cooling system enthusiasts get going during matches. Having a fantastic set of cans, nevertheless, you are able to drown out the sound of the lovers. And I liked having the ability to utilize the EVOO 15 for surfing the internet in comparative silence with no lovers participating.

If You Purchase the Best

Evoo laptop Gaming 15 Laptop?

Gamers on a budget are not likely to locate a better bang for their pixel-pushing buck compared to Evoo laptop Gaming 15″ laptop. It is in a position to make high framerates in 1080p without having to disable standard settings due to this Core i7 CPU, ample 16GB of RAM, and its own full-power GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card.

Impressively, Evoo laptop can package these high-power elements in a rather compact chassis that does not seem like a jet engine under heavy loads. It is definitely far in the loudest gaming laptop I have heard. Additionally, the RGB keyboard lights seem cool contrary to the all-black layout and provide away an unmistakable gaming vibe.

Just like with any budget laptop, Evoo laptop needed to make some sacrifices to strike this very low cost. You lose out on the entire Turing encounter from Nvidia with real time beam tracing. And also an all-metal enclosure could have made to get a more durable and more high quality chassis. But despite those minor quibbles, the Evoo laptop Gaming 15 Laptop is a fantastic bargain at $999. It dipped as low as $799 throughout Walmart’s Black Friday sale last November, however I don’t have any trouble recommending it to gamers on a budget during its retail price.

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