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Event: Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit
Written by Mazhar

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is a worldwide recognized two-day summit arranged and hosted by the Silicon Slopes community and organization. With a few of the most prominent and top minds from the tech sector taking the point, Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is among the greatest and most prominent yearly tech events on the planet, bringing out more than 20,000 attendees.

​Silicon Slopes Tech Summit features prominent keynotes, premium breakout sessions, magnificent entertainment, incredible parties, amazing media opportunities, along with an exclusive screening of a movie in the Sundance Film Festival. The quantity of experience and talent that is on screen makes this a exceptional occasion that could only occur in Silicon Slopes.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit pushes for more computer science education


Leaders at Utah technology companies are continuing their drive to deliver computer engineering education to each public college in the state.

In the Thursday introduction of the year’s Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, prominent CEOs told an enthusiastic audience of tens of thousands preserving the industry’s phenomenal recent growth hinged on enlarging tech learning to all tier levels by late 2022.

Aaron Skonnard, co-founder of internet training supplier PluralSight, stated Silicon Slopes organizers have been financing a new bill before Utah lawmakers that could supply $10.2 million annual for teacher instruction. In addition, he announced the introduction of a computer science instruction fund — currently hammered with $4 million — to take contributions toward expanding accessibility K thru 12.

“If you are enthusiastic about the future of our state, the schooling for our kids and what will become the pipeline of talent for many of our businesses,” Skonnard informed the thousands in attendance,”pull out your cellular phones and make a donation”

His pitch lacked a theme of community support in the job gathering, held in downtown Salt Palace Convention Center. Participants were encouraged to join, learn and function, emphasized by means of a effort for attendees to contribute 1 million food this year into the Utah Food Bank.

The yearly event’s presence has increased by leaps yearly. And in which its inaugural four decades past attracted participants overwhelmingly in the Beehive State, almost 20 percent of attendees this year arrived from out of state, organizers said.

Josh James, CEO of software-as-service giant Domo, stated the occasion today lets executives, information scientists, coders, program developers and other business players interact with and learn from their own federal counterparts — without needing to go to California’s Silicon Valley.

“It is so enjoyable to realize that chance to link,” James stated.

Introduction speeches Thursday needed a stone festival sense, punctuated with swirling lights, pounding music and showy images on three big screens. Thursday afternoon saw dozens of smaller seminars and seminars on subjects such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, workforce diversity and the rising sub-sectors of fiscal and wellness technologies.

“You’ve got more influence on what happens from the state than you could realize,” Wilson advised attendees, calling the business leadership”unprecedented”

The Kaysville Republican reported the business’s leading executives were helping elected leaders browse difficult public coverage issued since the state’s economy continues to shift toward technology. But significant tech companies from the state report more than 5,000 openings for skilled employees remain unfilled.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Dickson pointed into what she called”pockets of guarantee” in both rural and urban Utah colleges, where computer science education needed taking hold. However she said the state has to reach”not only a few children but all children” no matter socioeconomic background — while also integrating technology more closely into statewide program. “It is really important that people adopt it.”

The tech summit will include a debate one of the six Republicans vying for governor on Friday, yet another indication of the business’s growing political clout.

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