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Denzel Washington Net Worth 2020

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Written by Mazhar

Each year Denzel Washington net worth $60-$80 million bucks. His parents, beauty salon proprietor Lennis and Pentecostal minister/municipal employee Denzel Washington, Sr., divorced when Denzel was 14.

Denzel Washington net worth and early life

Following the divorce, Denzel’s mother sent him to Oakland Military Academy at New Windsor, New York. The actor would later credit that choice for saving his life. Before leaving for army college, he and his closest friends were going down a very bad path. In a meeting with Parade Magazine,” Washington explained that those buddies later proceeded to serve around 40 years in prison, together.

He took off a semester to think about his future and determine what his major needs to be. Denzel’s performance at a camp talent show impressed his coworkers so much that you indicated he start behaving. After he returned to Fordham that autumn, he started studying drama and graduated with a BA in drama and journalism in 1977.

denzel washington net worth


Washington won a full-ride scholarship into the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, however he returned to New York after a year to pursue acting professionally. He’d previously appeared in many stage shows, but his very first onscreen function came in 1977 with the made-for-television film Wilma. Many smaller stage and screen roles soon followed Denzel Washington net worth, but Washington got his big break in 1982 when he landed a place on the thriving medical drama St. Elsewhere. He starred as Dr. Phillip Chandler for the show’s whole six-year run.

Box Office Hits

Washington’s star rose quickly because he showed off his Unbelievable talent in films like Malcolm X, The Pelican Brief, Philadelphia, and Courage under Fire. He was soon bringing in significant paychecks because of his film performances. In 1995 Denzel Washington net worth, he took home $7.5 million to the science fiction movie Virtuosity. The 1998 films Fallen and The Siege, together with his Oscar-winning functionality in 2001’s Training Day, made him a cool $12 million annually. Now Denzel Washington earns upwards of $60 million each year.

Awards and Honors

In 1988, Washington received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor from the anti-Apartheid movie Cry Freedom, also in1989; he won the exact same award for his performance in Glory.

In 1992he received a Best Actor nomination for his performance in Malcolm Xand in 1999 Denzel Washington net worth, he was nominated and won a Golden Globe for The Hurricane. Back in 2002, he eventually won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Training Day, getting just the 2nd African-American actor to win Best Actor. That year Denzel Washington net worth, he also appeared at the Disney soccer drama Remember the Titans that brought over $100 million at the box office and garnered him a Black Reel Award and an NAACP Image Award, both for Best Actor.

Though he never completed graduate faculty, the actor has received three honorary doctorate levels. The first was in 1991 from his alma mater, Fordham University, for having”impressively succeeded in exploring the border of his multi-faceted gift ” In 2007 he had been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Morehouse College, also in 2011 Denzel Washington net worth, the University of Pennsylvania bestowed him with an honorary Doctor of Arts degree.

Directing and Producing Career

In 2002, Washington stepped behind the camera to guide Antwone Fisher; he has directed The Fantastic Debaters (2007) and Fences (2016). He’s also produced several films Denzel Washington net worth, including The Book of Eli as well as The Equalizer, and many television programs.

Personal Life

Denzel’s first film, the made-for-television sports drama Wilma, attracted him over a profession break; he met his wife while working on the group. He wed Pauletta Pearson at 1983 along with the couple went on to have four kids.

As a devout Christian, Washington has thought about getting a preacher, even wondering whether he must quit acting to pursue a life in the church. Fortunately for his fans Denzel Washington net worth, he’s opted to remain at Hollywood Denzel Washington net worth; however, he states that he reads the Bible daily.

In 2006, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia requested for help from several American artists and intellectuals such as Denzel Washington, Oliver Stone, and Michael Moore. They implored the team to assist convince then-president George W. Bush to launch 600 imprisoned rebels in exchange for 62 hostages being held in Colombia.


Denzel Washington has not only maintained his fame and massive paychecks Denzel Washington net worth; he’s given his support both financial and private — to numerous worthy organizations. He’s performed in several productions on stage and display as the late 1970s and is best known for his roles in Hollywood films such as Glory, Malcolm X, Training Day, and Remember the Titans.

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