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Best Laptops for Writers, Bloggers, & Journalists 2021

Best Laptops for Writers
Written by Mazhar

Locating a great laptop, let alone one constructed for writers, is hard. There are a whole lot of great laptops on the market but the question is that what are the  best laptops for writers?.

Some have very uneasy keyboards, some are lethargic, and many others simply have short battery life.

To assist you to find a fresh writing laptop for yourself or as a present for a writer, we put together a list of the top laptops for writers so that you can make certain to purchase one that’s well-equipped to deal with your next blog article or book.

Keep reading to find out what we recommend. Below are our recommendations on great laptop features in case your main goal for using the laptop would be writing.

Best Laptops for Writers

Recommended laptop features for writers


Storage: Nowadays, at least 250GB is best. If you travel a great deal, you might want to check in an SSD drive update.

Battery Life: Many laptops nowadays have a lot of battery life, but we recommend searching for one with 4 hours of battery life if you don’t intend to be tethered to a desk daily in best laptop for writers.


Keyboard: the most significant element for a keyboard would be relaxation. It is tough to discover laptops with comfy keyboards; however you could always purchase a lightweight wireless keyboard.

“Bounce” and loudness of keyboard keys (the”clickety” audio) is personal taste so we can’t make any recommendations. We highly suggest obtaining a keyboard so that you may compose in reduced light.

Weight: Pick something lightweight (less than 4lbs) in case you’ll carry it frequently.

Touchscreen/Writing Tablet: This can be an optional attribute, but you might choose to receive a touchscreen or writing pad when you’re planning to have plenty of handwritten notes.

RAM: Purchase at 4GB, however over 8GB is preferred.

Software: Purchase Windows or Mac OSX along with your favorite word processor.

Processor: You should find an Intel i5 or better nowadays.

Pictures: Obtaining a different is recommended, but not crucial.

Do not forget to purchase a new laptop bag and accessories to your laptop!

Best Laptops for Writers


1. Lenovo IdeaPad S145 – Best Laptop for Writers

The Lenovo Ideapad obtained a significant upgrade this year using the S145 version. The Ideapad has ever been among the very value-driven laptops available which makes it ideal for your budget-conscious author.

In spite of all these attributes, the Ideapad weighs just a mere 4.08pounds and is just 0.8 inches thick, which means that your back pack will not be weighed down with this laptop.

2. Google Pixelbook Go – Best Chromebook for Writers

The Google Pixelbook Go may be among the greatest investments that you make. The backlit keyboard with Hush Keys implies you can write night or day without even slowing down or waking up anyone.

The laptop also does not have any fan so that you won’t need to be worried about it being dumb once the processor becomes active.

The only downside to the laptop is that it runs on Chrome OS so that you want to be familiar using Google Docs along with other Google products to your articles generation.

Although it’s among the pricier laptops, it weighs just 2.95 pounds, which makes it the lightest laptop with this list plus a great pick for writer’s on-the-go. It’s everything a writer needs and that the Mac OS makes it incredibly easy to use.

3. MacBook Air

The MacBook Air comes with a 13.3-inch screen, 8GB RAM, a 128GB SSD, as well as 12 hours of battery life. The MacBook Air does not have a retina screen in order to restrict the total amount of additional fat added by a larger battery and images processor.

We advocate the MacBook Air if you desire a lightweight laptop that includes the Mac operating system.

Though the outside casing may be the very first thing that you notice about the HP Spectre, the interiors are amazing also.

HP’s 2-in-1 flagship laptop obtained a significant (and very desired) refresh this season offering exceptional power and capacities to make it among the greatest writing laptops on the market.

It will permit you to write for hours without fatigue. Secondly, the Intel 10th generation processor will be certain you’ve got lots of computing power to deal with any writing or material generation application.

The battery life did dropped marginally this season, but the laptop still ought to continue over 12 hours.

4. HP Spectre ×360

While perhaps it doesn’t pack the exact same power as another laptops with this list, the 2-in-1 ASUS Chromebook does not need to because it makes it up in portability.

It merely contains 64GB of flash storage that is plenty since it’s possible to store everything else at the cloud. The tablet runs on Chrome OS so enjoy the Pixelbook you’ll have to be fine with using Google Docs.

The battery lasts for up to ten hours that ought to provide you lots of time to compose off-grid.

5. Asus Chromebook Flip

Though the old versions of this MacBook Pro were milder, the new MacBook feel skinnier and is a lot more powerful compared to the prior version.

The return of this magical keyboard, that is completely redone and contributes to the older butterfly-style keys, makes writing one MacBook once more a fun experience.

It’s also among the lightest laptops on this list. It’s a backlit keyboard for writing in reduced light and a broad palm rest.

6. MacBook Pro

We advocate the MacBook Pro should you want that the Mac OSX operating system environment or favor a very great display resolution. The asking price might be off-putting, but if you like the Apple ecosystem, that is the laptop for you.

7. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The Microsoft Surface Laptop two laptop is a consistent favourite among our readers. It is lightweight, stylish, and includes an wonderful keyboard.

Additionally, it only weighs 2.8 pounds so that it will not weigh down your back pack. Add to these 14.5 hours of battery life and you’ve got a great laptop for writing.

8. ASUS ZenBook

Among those higher-priced laptops on this list, the ASUS Zenbook laptop that comes in 2 versions: a normal laptop along with also a 2-in-1 (the Zenbook Flip).

This laptop variant comes with a 13.3-inch user friendly (yes, you are able to tap it) It has a backlit keyboard and it’s the lightest laptop with this list.

Evidently, the major differentiator between this laptop along with others on this list is your touchscreen. This is a massive advantage for writers who wish to record their work instantly in real-time in their laptops.

9. Dell Inspiron – Best Budget Laptop for Writers

In case you’re searching for a laptop on which you are able to handwrite notes, then this is the laptop for you personally! This touchscreen is less expensive than the Asus ZenBook making it a great purchase if you’re interested in a touchscreen. The broad palm area is great for writers.

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft actually knocked it out of the playground when the developed the Surface Guru 7. It’s a gorgeous laptop that’s ideal for writers who adore touchscreens.

Though a lot pricier than the majority of the laptops on this list, it certainly makes up for it with worth. We do just suggest this laptop for serious writers however because of the cost.

The keyboard disconnects in the display, letting you utilize it like a tablet computer too.

The best thing about this laptop is that the display. The added pencil works seamlessly together with the laptop, which makes this is the very best touchscreen we’ve got on this list.

If you love writing on laptops or tablet computers, this is the laptop for you.

Best Laptops for Writers



Just how much should I invest on a laptop?

While your financial plan is a private choice, you can usually get a great laptop for under $1,000. This list even offers a few wonderful alternatives for significantly less than $500.

Unless you are paying for the new (MacBooks are more costly due to the Apple brand), the longer you pay, the greater specs you receive with respect to processing capacity, battery life, etc..

Which are the minimum specs I need to get?

The choice to receive a laptop with Windows or even Mac is really a personal choice. If you’re utilized with a Mac, then buy a Mac. Otherwise, Window PCs are normally cheaper and have more applications compatibility.


The above mentioned laptops are our favourite recommendations for writers. Laptops create great gifts for writers and great presents for teachers, so make certain to put in a brand new laptop to your holiday buying list.

They’ll radically raise your productivity and relaxation as you’re writing. A comfy keyboard together with an extra-long battery life will do amazing things to get a writer’s content creation.

But don’t neglect to acquire laptop accessories to create the laptop even more successful.

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