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Bad news for anyone who wanted that ridiculous Energizer phone

energizer phone
Written by Mazhar

Bad News for Energizer Phone

Cast your mind back a couple of months to February in Energizer phone, when we struck a ridiculous Energizer-branded smartphone in MWC. Measuring a few inches thick and packaging a bonkers 18,000 mAh battery, it was the most memorable gadget in the show.

Can you remember how thick it really had been? Remember how holding the Energizer P18K Pop felt like you’re carrying out a thick paperback book full of turgid Serbian poetry?

energizer phone

Well, I have some bad news for you.

French smartphone maker Avenir Telecom tried to crowdfund that the P18K on Indiegogo, but finally collapsed in a means which has been previously unthinkable for a job that is attracted so much media coverage and public attention.

Total, the business increased $15,005 of its $1.2 million target. That is about 1.2 percentage of what it hoped for.

Concerning orders, things are gloomy. Avenir Telecom sold only a mere seven P18K phones using its super-discounted early bird pricing. Additionally, three individuals purchased a triple-pack of those handsets.

In total, Avenir Telecom’marketed’ sixteen (complete) units.

I am placing’marketed’ in inverted commas, because everybody who endorsed the effort ought to be receiving a complete refund. That is because, to its credit, the Gallic phone manufacturer used a predetermined financing objective.

This meant that the job would just receive funds when it broke beyond the initial aim. It is arguably a historic collapse. The Kin, It is a significant question. I really don’t think that it’s since Avenir Telecom was targeting a small market.

The best illustration I can think of is Chinese maker BlackView, that has crowdfunded (and then brought to promote) apparatus with unfathomably huge batteries. We have covered a number of them previously.

It likely did not help that the battery was the one thing that actually stood out to the P18K. It’d fair specs and felt somewhat like somebody had taken a typical mid-range phone and pushed it at a funfair hallway of mirrors.

Make no mistake; there are individuals who’d gain from a phone using a 18,000 mAh battery. I am discussing military users, individuals working in the petroleum and gas business, famers, as well as truckers. In a nutshell, anybody who’s likely to devote long amounts of time with no access to mains electricity.

Avenir did nothing to appeal to the valuable market. Though they include ginormous cells, they are primarily intended to be sturdy, and may take more of a beating than Mickey Rourke from the boxing ring.

Then there is the cost. Without anything additional — like ruggedization — that is a difficult sell. It simply didn’t represent decent value for clients.

Another difficulty was that the branding. In MWC, the P18K was promoted as being Energizer — a reliable, globally-recognized family name with instant brand recognition. When it finally hit Indiegogo, the Energizer branding has been stripped off for reasons that remain unclear. The only mention of Energizer was at a blurb about Avenir Telecom, which said the following:

With 30 Decades of experience in the mobile phone sector, Avenir Telecom designs and distributes cellular phones and accessories, such as a Complete Assortment of products under the exclusive Energizer® permit

There wasn’t anything to suggest that the P18K would take the Energizer marque. This felt somewhat like a bait-and-switch, particularly given how reluctantly the Energizer brand seemed in the organization’s MWC presence.

Indiegogo Postmortem

Ultimately, the P18K cruelly highlights the huge chasm of difference between a product that’s really exciting and useful, and yet one that is just bizarre. The P18K obtained a mountain of policy from many corners of the tech media. In reality, my slice, registered in the media room of MWC, obtained the maximum amount of visitors of whatever I filed out of Barcelona.

energizer phone

In my standpoint, people were interested at the P18K compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X. That did not translate into paying clients, however.

Do not get me wrong. ‘Unusual’ can sell items that otherwise would lack substance. Just ask anybody who purchased Sea Monkeys from the 1960’s or purchased a ticket to visit Swiss Army Person in 2016. But these are small-ticket things, rather than a 600 smartphone. It is appropriate since, in future, I expect Avenir Telecom will think twice before attempting something like this again.

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