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AzureWave Technology is a global top supplier of wireless connectivity and image processing options. With extensive expertise in product development and vertically integrated capacities, AzureWave technology is an industry leader in supplying reliable design, production, and applications services.

An AzureWave technology WiFi® card can allow you to stay connected at home, the office or even while on the move. The cards and modules permit your computer to register to a wired or wireless network so you can raise your productivity. Look for Azure goods in addition to elements that operate with local area networks (LANs) and Bluetooth®.


Utilize an AzureWave Technology WiFi Card to Access the Web and Get More Done

An AzureWave technology  WiFi card gives your computer the ability to get on a wireless network so you are able to make the most of high-speed online access. In this manner, you are able to communicate with other people, watch high quality videos and displays and download information immediately. It gives support for 802.11 protocols, such as B, A, G and N data transport criteria.

An wireless WiFi Bluetooth card also allows your computer to interface with a large number of Bluetooth-enabled devices, like smart phones, sound speakers and car sound systems. Newer cards might also be compatible with 802.11 AC as well as AX criteria for ultra-fast network rates.

Another choice is a wireless adapter, that provides you the exact same performance but attaches to a computer using a USB port. Using a wireless adapter, you can easily use it with many computers, one at a time, which makes it perfect for users.

For programs which happen in the office, a college, a public place or another professional surroundings, look into an AzureWave technology WLAN module. An AzureWave technology WLAN module also enables you to interface with printers, smartphones, tablet computers, smart house controllers and even appliances.

As a consequence, that you may print files wirelessly, control home appliances and lighting or handle your Smart TV. With it, your computer may connect to a network or access the net with an Ethernet cable.


Accessories Assist You to Boost Your Experience

Consider different devices and peripherals so you will be prepared to play and work hard. Insert Bluetooth devices, like earpieces, music recipients, headphones and headsets, and set them with your own system utilizing an Azure Wave BT module. A Bluetooth-enabled mouse may supply you with outstanding responsiveness and accuracy.

Look at devices created for notebook networking, like a gigabit switch, hubs or repeaters to be certain all laptops can connect into the network. The ideal wireless router offers access to all computers in your house or office. For larger distances, think about a range extender to expand the network’s reach all corners.

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