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​All 13 vampire the masquerade clans: The Masquerade RPG, Ranked

vampire the masquerade clans
Written by Mazhar

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13 Vampire The Masquerade Clans

Vampires fall to more classes than none=sparkly. Since the iconic Vampire: The Masquerade RPG educated us, you will find 13 vastly different clans of vampire the masquerade clans, some great, some bizarre, and a few so dreadful they may too sparkle. Listed below are all Vampires’ various clans, rated from best to worst.

vampire the masquerade clans

1) Ventrue

Ventrue signifies vampires in their classy. As the most commendable of vampires — they believe themselves to be — they infiltrate and utilize human authorities to keep their power over other vampires. The Ventrue are usually powerful, wealthy, and accountable for vampire culture called the Camarilia, which communicates the Masquerade, that’s the social pact vampires need to maintain their existence secret from mortals.

Ventrue have the very best”normal” pair of powers from the sport, such as Dominate and Presence, which makes them both the charismatic vampires who will make their enemies violate their pants in panic or make them fall in love with them as they drain their bloodvessels.

If Dracula were a Vampire: The Masquerade personality, he must happen to be a Ventrue. If you would like to play with a classic, amazing vampire, subsequently Ventrue is certainly the clan to pick.

2) Assamite

There is something sad and distressed about using a vampire clan filled with nothing but badass assassins, but damned if the Assamite do not be able to become sort of amazing anyways. First of all, they are not merely assassins; they also consist of sorcerer and Viziers (scholars of a kind ), all with their own unique abilities. Despite thankfully taking contracts because hitmen, they are not evil and they do not get involved with all of the crap of another vampire clans.

Most significant, all Assamites have the regeneration of Qietus that, despite its title, allows vampires to restrain the blood of other people, which allows them to do wonders like induce objects to sweat blood, turn blood contaminated, and other craziness. Yes, it might be wholly clichéd for a silent, noble assassin, but if it is possible to take charge of another vampire’s blood from afar, folks do not tend to offer you a lot of grief about it.

3) Tremere

Though one of the latest vampire clans, the Treme is essentially Ventrue Lite — super-organized, super-into that the Masquerade, super-pro-vampire society. What they lack in the Ventrue’s social standing and power that they make up for with Thaumaturgyblood or blood magical.

Does Thaumaturgy have the advantage of creeping different vampires outside, it’s a massive selection of forces to choose from, such as alchemy, elemental control, conjuring, corruption, and much more.

Tremere would be the mages of all Vampires, and because all vampires are somewhat permanent, Tremere do not necessary get knocked from the next somebody bumps into them like D&D’s mages do. It has this huge flexibility which makes the Tremere among the greatest clans from the Masquerade.

4) Lasombra

Yes, the Lasombra are among those clans of those evil Sabbat, and they have a tendency to have people traditionally evil, complete jet-black eyes and they are also the vampires whose reflections do not appear on mirrors and are deemed extra-damned by God for a reason.

But if you do not mind being evil, Lasombra are wonderful. They are basically evil Ventrue, using precisely the exact same society and resources and power, but with much more backstabbing.

Additionally, Lasombra have super-awesome shadow abilities, such as crazy-black shadow tentacles… and in just Stage 3 of their Obtenebration ability. If you do not mind being evil — and if you do, then perhaps you should not be enjoying Vampire at the first place — Lasombra would be the thing to do.

5) Followers of Set

Like it says on the tin, these vampires worship Place, the Egyptian god that they think will soon be coming back into wash store. Their goofy-ass doctrine claims that spirits are nice and ceaseless but flesh is tainted, which translates to”let us tainted every corporal being we view.” This is a permit to simply be hilarious evil to everyone and attempt to ruin everyone’s day/week/life.

The Followers of Set are basically the Bastard type of Vampire, plus they have all of the freedom a wholly lack of morality allows. Furthermore, they possess the Serpentis disciple that allows the user to paralyze people with their gaze, possess a giant serpent tongue to strike, and many awesomely, allows Settites take their very own heart and conceal it in a broom cupboard somewhere so that they cannot be staked.

6) Malkavian

Even though Chaotic Neutral is an enormous and in Dungeons & Dragons matches — it basically allows you to do anything and justify it since you are mad, woo! — it is supremely annoying in Vampire, where gamers all need to be on precisely the exact same page concerning the Masquerade, lest the experience quickly become mad and/or dumb.

If a character could be mad without ticking the entirety of vampire culture at the first five minutes of playing, they actually have some cool advantages, such as Obfuscate, the capability to vanish, and Dominate, which may be used to induce others mad. And that is lots of pleasure.

7) Brujah

Typically called the hotheaded rebels of the Vampire world, the Brujah appear to be a remarkably popular option amongst gamers. Maybe that is the reason the Brujah would be the nearest Vampire comes to getting a fundamental”Fighter” course, whose abilities include Potence and Celerity — super-strength and super-speed — that is great because Brujah are basically only thugs.

They do not really have a society to talk with, and that they wander about, doing exactly what they need, in spite of the fact its kind of tough to be a rebel when you are still bound to the principles of this Masquerade that retains vampirism a secret in the deadly world. It was 2200 decades back, men. Get it over.

8) Toreador

Toreador is the musicians of the vampire world, and that’s to say they are really pretentious and annoying. They are the individuals who fall in love (with people, other vampires, soup cans, whatever) and so inspire crap romances like Twilight. They are also like drunken infants; readily captivated by gleaming things that occur to catch their attention.

Since the Vampire Wiki says,”Such matters as paintings, neon signs, as well as sunrises can captivate [Toreador]. It needs a powerful Willpower roll to split the interest quickly; differently, the Toreador will endure, awed and helpless, even for moments or even hours” That is dumb and dangerous. The sole reason Toreador are that high on the list is because they possess the super-speed ability of Celerity.

9) Tzimisce

Another outright evil vampire clan, the Tzimisce is the religious leaders and leaders of this Sabbat. Vicissitude or even the magic of flesh and bone forming, Humans exist just to be messed with and tortured for the Tzimisce to continually evolve themselves, but I believe we all understand its mostly regarding the torture.

On the other hand, Vicissitude does not appear traditionally Vampire-y at all, which means you are basically playing an evil magician who wants to consume blood for a while. On the other hand, seemingly Dracula was a Tzimisce, though it makes no sense at all. So that is something.

10) Nosferatu

The Nosferatu look like they may be the worst clan in Vampire; they are all ugly as hell (believe Count Orlock out of Nosferatu, natch) they cannot hide one of humankind at all, plus they generally hide in sewers. Furthermore, they do not really have some advantages to balance all of the crap life (er, unlife (well, the Vampire RPG)) has dropped on them.

Surethe Nosferatu are assumed to be really excellent advertisement spying thanks for their Obfuscate capability, but Malkaians have Obfuscate also and they do not make folks want to throw up whenever they view them.

Basically, the only real reason why the Nosferatu are not on the base of the record is that there’s power in being a monster which appears really colossal — a believer in saying”fuck it” into the remainder of Vampire society/the match and opting to wear your horrible curse in your sleeve. And confront.

11) Giovanni

Basically the vampire mob, the Giovanni are obsessed with money and necromancy, because using necromancy they would basically just be the normal mob, and that would be super-boring. They simply make vampires from their very big household, which — and that is absurd — that do not understand their family is filled with evil blood-sucking magic vampires till they get picked to become vampires themselves.

Even though the Giovanni do not encourage the Masquerade or the Sabbat, they have a tendency to be evil assholes, what with all of the mafia and passing magic and whatnot. However, being a vampire and opting to devote all of your time trying to make cash is like using a giant robot and utilizing it to doing nothing but take markets.

vampire the masquerade clans

12) Gangrel

Gangrel have two principal attributes: they are nomads and they have an affinity for animals. The first is only a fancy method of stating Gangrels are basically bums. The second is much less trendy than it seems. Although other vampires are projecting blood magic and ripping humans apart like new bread using darkness tentacles, Gangrel are speaking to puppies and shit.

Alright, technically they might have a wolf comfortable, but that is not Westeros; you do not only find wolves lying around the side of the street, and even in the event that you do it is not like you are able to bring them in a nightclub.

Worse, when Gangrel frenzy and eliminate control, they begin to obtain animal-like physical trait, like cat or tails ears, which makes them seem like ceaseless furries. They only thing which will make Gangrel’s even marginally cool is if they can become clouds of snakes, but they cannot, Ever.

13) Ravnos

Ravnos are vagabonds, and it is a fancy method of stating nomads, which we have already created is a fancy method of”bums.” In reality, the sport needs that all Ravnos have at the same vice they always need to make Willpower functions to prevent doing,”ranging from plagiarism to mass murder”

In Vampire, the stereotype is seemingly accurate, which is sort of racist if you ask me personally and the reason why they’re in the bottom of this listing. (Additionally, calling”mass murder” a Professor sounds… a little of an understatement.)

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